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Eric Keenleyside is an actor who portrayed Count Olaf's father in the Netflix adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events.


Born in St. Stephen, New Brunswick, he grew up in London, Ontario, with a year and a half in Brisbane, Australia. He apprenticed at the Stratford Festival after graduating from the University of Windsor. Now living near Vancouver, British Columbia, he and his wife, actress Peg Christopherson, became naturalized US citizens after living in Los Angeles and in upstate Washington for many years. They have two children.[1]



Year Title Role Notes
1985 Love & Larceny
1985 Head Office Whale Professor
1985 Big Deal Born Again Christian
1986 The Right of the People Burly Man
1986 The High Price of Passion Bouncer
1986 The Marriage Bed
1986 Overnight
1987 Really Weird Tales Alien #1
1987 Murder by the Book
1988 Blue City Slammers Butter
1988 Buying Time Bartender
1988 Short Circuit 2 Simpsons Truck Driver
1988 Martha, Ruthe & Edie Prison Guard
1990 Stella Wendell
1990 Perfectly Normal Restaurant Man
1992 Mortal Sins Security Guard
1992 Dead Ahead: The Exxon Valdez Disaster Gordon Taylor - US Coast Guard
1993 Relentless: Mind of a Killer
1993 Without a Kiss Goodbye Detective Lovell
1994 Jane's House Frank
1994 In Spite of Love Vilmos
1994 Deadly Vows
1994 The Disappearance of Vonnie Detective Drake
1995 Annie O Craig Frazier
1995 Shadow of Doubt Cop
1996 Bordello of Blood Noonan
1996 The Angel of Pennsylvania Avenue Cop
1997 Prefontaine James Buck
1997 Cloned Counterman
1997 Unwed Father Big Lou
1998 The Long Way Home Sheriff Bilings
1998 The Spree Ricky Madden
1998 Legalese Berringer
1999 Our Guys: Outrage at Glen Ridge Lt. Frank Bennett
1999 Delivered Hugo
1999 Hayley Wagner, Star Fred MacKerron
1999 Mr. Rice's Secret Ray
1999 Final Run Passenger #1
2000 Beautiful Joe Larry
2001 Antitrust Coffee Guard
2001 Freddy Got Fingered Foreman
2002 Door to Door Neighbor Bob
2002 Bang Bang You're Dead Bob Adams
2003 Monte Walsh Engineer
2003 Final Destination 2 Detective Suby
2003 Dreamcatcher Rick McCarthy
2003 Agent Cody Banks Kitchen Cleaning Agent
2003 The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer Jack Finney
2004 Walking Tall Dan Stadler
2005 The Interpreter Rory Robb
2005 Amber Frey: Witness for the Prosecution Ronny Matthews
2006 Flight 93 Stoddard Uncredited
2006 Firewall Alan Hughes
2006 Murder on Pleasant Drive Detective Brian Potts
2006 A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story Cop
2007 Blue Smoke Gib Hale
2007 Witness to Murder Chief Bates
2007 War Leevie
2008 Every Second Counts Dutch
2008 Slap Shot 3: The Junior League Dickie Dunn Jr.
2009 Damage Val Sullivan
2009 Revolution Gil Lorney
2010 Dear Mr. Gacy Stan
2010 Growing the Big One Mayor Kyle Finster
2010 The Search for Santa Paws Charity Santa
2010 November Christmas Wade Miller
2011 The Pastor's Wife Dan Winkler
2011 Trading Christmas Security Guard
2011 17th Precinct Delmore Keaton
2012 Goodnight for Justice: The Measure of a Man Lucius Breed
2012 A Bride for Christmas Hank Patterston
2013 The Package Big Doug
2013 Suddenly Mayor
2013 Window Wonderland Uncle Jimmy
2014 In My Dreams  Mike
2014 Godzilla Boyd
2014 Big Eyes Gannett Lawyer #2
2014 The Tree That Saved Christmas Gordon Logan
2015 The Driftless Area Mr. Bromley
2015 Vendetta Captain Baldus
2015 Garage Sale Mystery: The Wedding Dress Sean
2015 Santa's Little Helper Santa Claus
2015 Tales from the Darkside Bo
2016 The Edge of Seventeen Tom
2016 A Christmas to Remember Sheriff Tim Edwards
2017 The Perfect Catch Mason Taynor
2017 Entanglement Norm Layten
2017 Never Steady, Never Still Don Camdon
2017 1922 Lars
2017 Woody Woodpecker Roscoe
2017 The Undertaker's Son Sheriff Elliott Short
2017 Prodigals Doug
2018 Winter's Dream Gus Miller
2018 Overboard One-Arm Sheriff
2018 How It Ends Sheriff Reynolds
2018 Hold the Dark Big Deputy
2018 Time for Me to Come Home for Christmas Bob Hill
2018 Welcome to Marwen Larry / Friar
2019 Exhibit Man Walter Smeg Short
2019 Mystery 101: Words Can Kill Phil Jenk
2019 Ash Terry
2018 The Alderson Murder James Ivy Alderrson IV Short
2020 Martha's Vineyard Mysteries: A Beautiful Place to Die Police Chief Madieras


Year Title Role Notes
1985 Seeing Things One Episode
1985 Comedy Factory Quinn One Episode
1985 The Edwin Twins The Cop One Episode
1986 Check It Out Bruno One Episode
1988 CBS Summer Playhouse Director One Episode
1988 War of the Worlds Foreman One Episode
1988 Rin Tin Tin: K-9 Cop Cash Bennet One Episode
1988 Chasing Rainbows Sergeant
1989 The Twilight Zone Bartender One Episode
1989 Mosquito Lake Kenny (1989)
1991 Palace Guard Nolan One Episode
1991 Tropical Heat Walker / Jojo
1992 Lightning Force Micky Carter One Episode
1991-1993 Street Justice Councilman Wallace / Doug
1993 Jack's Place One Episode
1984 The Commish Donald Masters One Episode
1995 Children of the Dust Boss Beeson
1994-1995 Hawkeye Doyle
1994-1996 Highlander Trey Franks / Dallman Ross
1996 Viper Frank Taylor One Episode
1996 Two Liam Sullivan One Episode
1996 Titanic Bllack Billy Jack
1995-1996 Madison Stanislav Wakaluk
1996-1997 Poltergeist: The Legacy Mr. C.D. Broward / Miller
1996-1997 The Sentinel Rucker Ellison / Ray Kaminski
1998 The X-Files Lance Kernof One Episode
1998 Millenium Gary King One Episode
1998 Dead Man's Gun Sheriff Mackay One Episode
1996-1999 The Outer Limits Friedkin / Major Ford / Peters
1999 Atomic Trains Tucker Ames
2000 Honey, I Shrunk the Kids; The TV Show Squeamy Louie One Episode
2000 The King of Queens Roger One Episode
2000 Beggars and Choosers Chip Resnick One Episode
2000 Freedom One Episode
2001 Mysterious Ways Officer Steve Lipton One Episode
2002 Special Unit 2 Arnie One Episode
2002 The Chris Isaak Show Doug One Episode
2002 The Dead Zone Pinky One Episode
Just Deal Mike Roberts, Sr.
2003 Smallville Mike the Bartender One Episode
2003 The Wonderful World of Disney One Episode
2003 Da Vinci's Inquest Stan One Episode
2004 Kingdom Hospital Hagarty One Episode
2005 Stargate SG-1 Fred One Episode
2001-2005 Cold Squad Mr. Walters / Captain Rudecki
2005 Young Blades One Episode
2006 This Space for Rent Don Konklin
2006 The Evidence Property Manager One Episode
2006 Whistler Noah One Episode
2007 Masters of Horror Sgt. Booker One Episode
2007 Traveler Robert Doherty
2007 Psych Steve Hitchcock One Episode
2009 Fear Itself George Clayton One Episode
2010 Sanctuary Detective Michael Bronson One Episode
2010-2011 Hellcats Bob Overton
2011 Fringe Jerry Bissell One Episode
2011 True Justice Pastor Michael Benjamin One Episode
2011 R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour Mr. Palmer One Episode
2012 Arctic Air Jay One Episode
2012 Alcatraz Captain One Episode
2006-2012 Supernatural Jim McAnn / Dennis
2012 Fairly Legal Mr. Davis, Eliza's Father One Episode
2013 Emily Owens M.D. Nr. Nelson
2011-2013 The Killing Sergeant Emmes 
2013 Cedar Cove Dan One Episode
2014 Strange Empire Abe Little
2015 Fargo Bud Jorgenlen
2012-2016 Once Upon a Time Moe Frence / Sir Maurice
2016 Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency Police captain
2016 The Man in the High Castle Ron Whittaker One Episode
2017 When We Rise Union Boss One Episode
2018 Take Two Harry Bueller One Episode
2017-2018 Loudermilk Father Michael
2019 A Series of Unfortunate Events Fire Chief One Episode
2019 Unspeakable Dr. Martin Davey
2019 The Twilight Zone Mayor Matheson One Episode
2019 iZombie Jack Klein One Episode