This is a list of all the costumes and disguises Esmé Squalor wears. (This list is focused on the Netflix TV series.)

Before Season 2

Esmé wears a black shoulder less dress when attending the opera that Beatrice sings in. Later, Beatrice and Lemony take her Sugar Bowl which leads to a poison dart showdown, which kills Count Olaf's father, making him and Esme want revenge together.

Season 2

The Ersatz Elevator

Esmé is often seen wearing a pinstripe suit (from which the promince of her cleavage can be seen) during the events of The Ersatz Elevator, due to the fact that they are "in". She also has Jerome wear one and she buys the Baudelaires some suits to wear during their time with her. Gunther also wears one.

When Esmé, Gunther, Jerome and the children go for lunch, she wears a black feather cape and a pirate hat over her pinstripe suit.

After Esmé is informed that Herring Houdini is “out” they go to Café Salmonella, where she loses the black feather cape and pirate hat and replaces it with a small black cap.

During the In Auction, Esmé wears a black and gray striped dress and a black hat. She also loses the pinstripe suit as it is not “in” anymore. She also wears black lipstick.

The Vile Village

When Count Olaf and his troupe follow the Baudelaires to the Village of Fowl Devotees, Esmé wears a red shoulderless vest with a red cap with a sheriff’s badge holding a peacock feather. She probably wears this because of the theme of the village, the Wild West.

She makes up many fake names that don’t match up like ‘Sabrina Pepper Anastasia Marigold’ , ‘Sarah Petunia Alexandra Maryellen’ , and ‘Donatella Violetta Cappuccino Maryellen’.

During the stay at the Village of Fowl Devotees, Esmé disguises herself as the new police chief, Officer Luciana. She wears a blue busty police shirt, black trousers, red stiletto heels and a blue helmet, with her hair in a long plait going over her shoulder. After using a harpoon gun and accidentally killing a crow, the villagers get angry at her and Detective Dupin, and they escape.

The Hostile Hospital

Esme wears a purple dress and a purple shawl when they escape from the Village of Fowl Devotees. She also wears jewel-studded sunglasses.

While at Heimlich Hospital, Esmé disguises herself as the very fashionable Nurse Cassandra Ursula Terrific Elliandra- with a white busty dress, white short cape, nurse hat and a watch. She uses this disguise to blend in with the doctors and nurses at the hospital and also to capture Babs and then Violet and Babs when the two of them escape.

When Esmé finds out the Baudelaires were in the Library of Records, she assumes they are after the Sugar Bowl and dons an outfit made from the fur of many animals. She also wears red heels with knives instead of heels. She destroys most of the library and helps Olaf capture Violet.

The Carnivorous Carnival

Esme wears a shoulderless black top with her hair down and gold trousers when they visit Madame Lulu.

While at the Caligari Carnival, Esmé wears a strange outfit to blend in with the surroundings. She often helps the Ringleader with events at the carnival. She wears red heels, white tights, a striped red and yellow dress, a pointy, spiralled red bra and a clown hat on a very strange hairstyle. She often has her Tagliatelle Grande strapped to her side.

When Esmé visits the freaks cabin, she dons a sash which has “I ❤️ FREAKS” written on it over the previous costume. She wears this and a little toy giraffe with a old dolls head on it on her shoulder (to show she has two heads like Beverly and Elliot). She has her Tagliatelle Grande attached to her side. She wears this costume to try to convince the freaks to join her and Olaf’s troupe for a small price, pushing Madame Lulu into the lion pit.

Season 3

The Slippery Slope

Esmé wears a long dress to keep herself warm up in the mountains but to also be very fashionable.

Esmé wears a black suit on Mount Fraught to look very stylish when meeting Olaf's mentors, The Man with a Beard but No Hair and The Woman with Hair but No Beard.

Esmé wears a red suit with fire on it, along with a fluffy orange hat and lower leggings. It is very in and she is also often seen holding a knife. She wears this when she goes to investigate the V.F.D. Headquarter ruins to find the Sugar Bowl.

The Grim Grotto

Esmé wears a ship captain uniform with a captains hat and a captains navy blue coat. She thinks of herself highly because the Man with a Beard but No Hair and the Woman with Hair but No Beard give her the Submarine and makes herself captain.

Esmé wears an octopus costume to ‘blend in’ with the sea motif. She wears a tight elastic purple body suit from her wrists to her ankles and has octopus tentacles coming out from her hips. Although it may be fashionable, it isn’t very suitable for work, having her often get stuck in the submarines small, tight corridors and areas.

Esmé wears an orange dress to further exaggerate the fact that they are a Normal Happy Family She wears an orange dress for the beach with large sunglasses and a handbag. She also wears this at the Hotel Denumount.

The Penultimate Peril

Esmé wears a yellow sunbathing outfit on the roof of Hotel Denouement.

Esmé wears an orange dress and a necklace when she confronts Count Olaf outside the hotel where they end up breaking up.

Esmé dresses as a chef to make crowmeat sausages with poison to poison everyone at the trial.

Esmé wears a pink pinstripe suit with sticking out shoulder blades to be fashionable back in the city and at the trial.

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