Qwerty was a predator of the moth known as the Farnsworth Pulpeater, as the Farnsworth Pulpeater is a predator of paper. It appeared to be a battle that was to go on for quite some time without Qwerty or the moths giving up.

The Farnsworth Pulpeater Moths are a species of moth featured in All the Wrong Questions.


The rare and endangered species of moth lived in a tree on the lawn of Stain'd-by-the-Sea's Town Hall.

The tree was later cut down to make room for the statue of Colonel Colophon. It was this event that sparked the argument that led to the creation of the Inhumane Society, as the people concerned about the moths and angry about the celebration of the war Colophon fought in, formed the group to "make trouble."[1]

When the tree was cut down, the moths moved into the library to eat the pulp in the book paper, and that these are the moths that Dashiell Qwerty is often seen swatting at with a handkerchief. His antagonistic relationship with the moths was later used to frame him for arson.[2]





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