Tomorrow afternoon, the semiretired amateur geologist has promised to put me in touch with current members of the F.F.P. so I can determine if there is any truth to the rumour that Violet Baudelaire came into contact with them on her way to Briny Beach for the third time. Interested parties might turn to Book the Thirteenth, assuming I live to write such a book.

The Female Finnish Pirates are a mysterious group mentioned throughout A Series of Unfortunate Events.


Little is known about the pirates. They are known to have operated in the fifteenth century, when their group created the Devil's Tongue Knot.[2]

They are implied to still be around during the events of the Baudelaire orphans, as Lemony Snicket notes that he is attempting to get in touch with "current members of the F.F.P." via a semiretired amateur geologist, in order to determine if they came in contact with Violet Baudelaire on her way to her third visit to Briny Beach.[1] He also notes that such an account is linked to his thirteenth book, implying that they encountered the Baudelaires after the events of Chapter Fourteen.

This could be seen as confirmed by the Netflix adaptation, in which Beatrice Baudelaire II mentions them by name.[3] However, as the Netflix and book canon has diverged, this cannot count as full confirmation.




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