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During tourist season at Lake Lachrymose, the Fickle Ferry brings visitors from all over the world to enjoy sunshine, fresh air, smoked mackerel. The ferry leaves every seventeen minutes to the Lavender Lighthouse, where tourists can walk to Curdled Cave or they could bask in the lighthouse's pale purple glow. But that's only when the weather is warm. During the off-season, Lake Lachrymose has very few visitors, which is why the ferry company has added two words to the bottom of their schedule in fine print, a phrase which here means "you might miss reading until it was too late" - "weather permitting."

Fickle Ferry is mentioned in the third A Series of Unfortunate Events book, The Wide Window.


The Fickle Ferry is the primary means of transport to get to the town of Lake Lachrymose; it travels around the lake, including picking up passengers to transport to town, and is known to stop at the Lavender Lighthouse and pass by Curdled Cave.

The ferry seems to be a steamboat, both due to its closure during storms and due to Violet Baudelaire thinking over an invention to improve the engine of the ferry "so it wouldn't belch smoke into the gray sky."

The Fickle Ferry accepts tickets for boarding, and has a booth based at the dock.[1]

Netflix Series Divergent Canon

The Fickle Ferry is stated to bring visitors from all over the world to enjoy Lake Lachrymose's sights during warm weather. During the off-season, however, the lake has very few visitors, and only operates "weather permitting."

The Fickle Ferry is stated to arrive at and leave Damocles Dock every seventeen minutes.

It is mentioned that the ferry has "prehurricane special reduced ticket prices," likely to help customers achieve a last-minute escape from the storm.[2]

A sign on Damocles Dock lists the locations the Fickle Ferry travels to as:[3]


Possibly the ferry.

  • The word "fickle" is an adjective that can mean either "false, deceitful, treacherous" or "changeable, inconstant, uncertain, unreliable" - due to the ferry's "unreliable" schedule causing it to be closed when the Baudelaire children need it, the latter use is likely the one intentionally used.[4]
  • In the film, a flat-bed, man-powered paddle boat is seen carrying Mr. Poe's car across Lake Lachrymose. This is most likely Fickle Ferry however it is never confirmed.