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We trusted you when you said Count Olaf was a terrible person. Why can't you trust us, Baudelaires?
— Finn, The End

Finn was an islander who lived on the Island in The End.


Early Life

Mrs. Caliban is not the sort to keep secrets. That's why she lives on the island. It's a safe place, far from the treachery of the world.
— Finn, The End

Finn appears to be one of the children born on The Island; this is presumed from the fact she is referred to as very young, and she says that Professor Fletcher taught her the meaning of the word "mutiny", and Friday Caliban says that Fletcher taught all the children born on the island how to read. She also has the same job as Omeros, another child, as they both picked wild onions that were used for dinner.

She seems friendly with Miranda Caliban, and believes that she is not the type to keep secrets.

Once while storm scavenging, Finn found a flashlight which Ishmael suggested she discard. However, she secretly slipped it into her robe and kept it. Madame Nordoff supplied her with batteries for her flashlight in exchange for teaching her how to yodel. Jonah Bellamy somehow discovered this.

Discontent with how the island was run, Finn planned with Erewhon and some other islanders to revolt over Decision Day, intending to force Ishmael and his supporters off the island. Though Finn was hesitant, Erewhon insisted that they would need weapons in case the mutiny turned violent.

The End

After the way Ishmael abandoned you, we figured you'd be on our side. Don't you agree he's the root of the trouble?
— Finn, The End

On the beach with the other islanders.

While storm-scavenging the day that Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire wash ashore, Finn finds a typewriter. However, Ishmael pronounces it useless without paper, so Finn lets the sheep carry it off to the arboretum.

Finn is among the crowd of islanders who go storm-scavenging the day that Count Olaf and Kit Snicket wash up ashore, with Kit on a raft of books. The colonists leave to go fetch Ishmael to decide what to do, leaving Olaf under the watch of Friday and the Baudelaires. She is likely still in the crowd when they return and Ishmael suggests that the Baudelaires, Olaf, and Kit be banished, and they abandon them on the coastal shelf.

However, later that night, Erewhon and Finn go to the Baudelaires, bringing them dinner. Finn seems happy to hear that their friend, Kit, has regained consciousness and will be able to eat, before the conversation turns a bit darker. Finn and Erewhon explain their plan for a mutiny, but she is upset by the Baudelaires' reluctance, as they had trusted the Baudelaires when they said Count Olaf was wicked. The Baudelaires agree to help and follow Erewhon's directions to bring them weapons from the arboretum, on the condition that Finn and Erewhon get Kit to a safe place. Finn seems a bit desperate, asking the Baudelaires to please help them before they agree.

Erewhon and Finn promise to stay with Kit, but Count Olaf is imprisoned nearby, and he convinces them to release him from his cage in exchange for him helping with the mutiny, saying that the Baudelaires will fail to bring them weapons. The two colonists then end up leaving Kit on the coastal shelf upon breakfast in order to take part in the mutiny. The Baudelaires arrive with Ishmael, and Finn asks why they took so long, as they tried waiting before starting the revolt. Finn is then confused by the Baudelaires claiming Ishmael was at the arboretum, as Ishmael claims to be unable to walk.

The mutiny dissolves into chaos until the arrival of Count Olaf. Ishmael stands and shoots Olaf with a harpoon gun, which releases the Medusoid Mycelium hidden under his robe. Finn at first ignores the poison, more shocked that Ishmael can stand and walk, but eventually the Baudelaires reveal that the Mycelium has poisoned them.

Ishmael suggests the islanders drink cordial to try and dilute the poison, and the fermented cordial drugs them into compliance. He convinces them that the Baudelaires are the root of the trouble, and then gathers them on the outrigger and has them sail off towards Lousy Lane for a cure, though they will not make it in time to save their lives. The Baudelaires attempt to help them, bringing the cure in bitter apples, but Finn, drugged into obeying Ishmael again, says that as Ishmael was on the island the longest, he knows how to keep them safe, and that his claim that the Baudelaires are the problem must be true.

Probable Death

That was before the Medusoid Mycelium arrived. He's been here the longest, so he knows how to keep us safe. At his suggestion, we all drank quite a bit of the cordial while he figured out the root off the trouble. and the root of the trouble, Baudelaires, is you.
— Finn, to the Baudelaires, The End

It is unknown if she met her fate by being poisoned by the Medusoid Mycelium. It is noted that the Incredibly Deadly Viper followed the boat with an apple, and as the Baudelaires did not know this, it is possible some islanders survived to report this to Lemony Snicket. Friday knew the snake to be friendly, and thus may have taken the apple from it; however, it is unknown if she would have been able to convince Finn or the drugged islanders to eat it.


The End

Klaus Baudelaire: Is there enough for our friend? She's regained consciousness.
Finn: I'm glad to hear it. There's enough food for everyone.
—Chapter Eight
Ishmael doesn't forbid anything. He'd never force me to throw this flashlight away. However, he did suggest that I let the sheep take it to the arboretum. Instead I slipped it into my robe, as a secret, and Madame Nordoff has been secretly supplying me with batteries in exchange for my secretly teaching her how to yodel, which Ishmael says might frighten the other islanders.
— Chapter Eight
Finn, calmly and quietly: Do you know the meaning of the word "mutiny"?
Klaus Baudelaire: A mutiny is when a group of people take action against a leader.
Finn: Yes. Professor Fletcher taught me the word.
—Chapter Eight
A number of islanders support Ishmael. If necessary, we'll force them to leave the island as well.
— Chapter Eight
Erewhon says we'll fight all day and all night if we have to. Everyone will choose sides.
— Chapter Eight
Violet Baudelaire: We'll help you. What do you want us to do?
Finn: We need you to sneak into the arboretum. You mentioned your mechanical abilities, Violet, and Klaus seems very well-read. All of the forbidden items we've scavenged over the years should come in very handy indeed.
Erewhon: Even the baby should be able to cook something up.
Klaus Baudelaire: But what do you mean? What should we do with all the detritus?
Erewhon: We need weapons, of course.
Finn: We hope to force Ishmael off the island peacefully, but Erewhon says we'll need weapons, just in case. Ishmael will notice if we go to the far side of the island, but you three should be able to sneak over the brae, find or build some weapons in the arboretum, and bring them to us here before breakfast so we can begin the mutiny.
—Chapter Eight
Please help us, and we'll help your friend.
— Chapter Eight
Where were you? We waited as long as we could for you to return, but we had to leave your friend behind and begin the mutiny.
— Chapter Eleven
Never mind your seedy throat. I see Ishmael standing up on his own two feet!
— Chapter Twelve


  • She is likely named after the titular protagonist in Mark Twain's Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
    • As part of the book, Huckleberry "Huck" Finn goes to an uninhabited island with his friends Tom and Joe to play pirates, and after escaping his abusive father, he hides on the island for a time with a runaway slave, Jim.
  • While she makes no physical appearance in the Netflix Adaptation of The End, she could still potentially be one of the unnamed islanders.
    • In one earlier episode, there was a gravestone with her name on it.[2] It is unclear if this is the same Finn from the Island.