When you think of me, think of a food you love very much.
— Fiona to the Baudelaires, The Grim Grotto

Fiona, known as Fiona Widdershins in the Netflix adaptation (it is unknown if she took her stepfather's surname in the books), is introduced in The Grim Grotto. She is a member of the Fire-Fighting Side of V.F.D who works with the Baudelaire children.


My stepfather believes that he or she who hesitates is lost, but I have a more cautious personal philosophy.
— Fiona, The Grim Grotto
Fiona is a very intelligent teenage girl who studies mycology.

In the books, she dislikes how male pronouns (he, him, his) are often used as a default in the English language, as she always adds "or she" whenever her stepfather uses them.


Early Life

I guess there are dangers we simply can't imagine.
— Fiona, The Grim Grotto

Fiona, Captain Widdershins and Fernald.

Fiona is the stepdaughter of Captain Widdershins; her biological father moved away when she was young. She lived with her mother and much older brother, Fernald.

She recalls that Fernald used to study poetry with their stepfather, and that they would have arguments when they thought she was asleep. The only memory Fiona mentions of her mother is that she used to become angry when Fiona didn't clean her room. Widdershins continually tells Fiona that her mother died in a "manatee accident," though Fiona doesn't believe it was an accident. 

She actually met Count Olaf before the series, when she was an infant. Olaf mentions having attempted to throw thumbtacks into her cradle.

Fiona took an interest in mycology, though her stepfather discouraged her interest and found it useless. He also refused to tell her several VFD secrets, claiming they were too terrible for her to know. Whenever he would say his personal philosophy- "He who hesitates is lost"- Fiona would add in "or she."

Though Fiona lived aboard the Queequeg and attempts to fix the ship when possible, her stepfather never considers her part of the crew. The Queequeg fell into disrepair, due to being attacked by villains, leeches, sharks, realtors, pirates, girlfriends, torpedoes and angry salmon.

At some point, the Widdershins collected documents from the remains of Josephine Anwhistle's house after it fell. Fiona questioned her stepfather as to why they couldn't help the Baudelaires, to which he simply tells her that it's important they do one small, good thing. She doesn't understand this, and he doesn't explain further.

After picking up Phil as a cook on the Queequeg, the submarine is charged with retrieving the Sugar Bowl, which had fallen into the Stricken Stream.[2]

The Grim Grotto

My stepfather said that the amount of treachery in this world is enormous, and that the best we could do was one small noble thing.
— Fiona, The Grim Grotto
Fiona greets the Baudelaires as they are brought aboard, after crashing into the stream. After she fails to convince her stepfather to let the Baudelaires rest instead of immediately getting to work, she helps them settle in and asks Phil to open their celebratory soda. 

She and Klaus Baudelaire study tidal charts to try and trace the sugar bowl's path, eventually finding that it went below the destroyed Anwhistle Aquatics into something marked GG. Klaus figures out that GG is a cave, to which Widdershins tells him that if he finds the sugar bowl he can marry Fiona, which Fiona finds embarrassing. Fiona also realizes that GG was mentioned in one of her mycology books, and finds out that it's called the Gorgonian Grotto, and serves as a quarantine for a deadly fungus, the Medusoid Mycelium

She accompanies the Baudelaires to the grotto to search for the sugar bowl. They are trapped for several hours by the waxing Medusoid Mycelium, and spend the time searching. Though they do not find the bowl, Fiona finds a letter from Kit Snicket to Gregor Anwhistle, telling him to stop cultivating the Medusoid. While they're sitting, the Baudelaires also decide to make a code based on food. 

Fernald and fiona

Fiona reunites with her brother Fernald.

They return to the Queequeg to find it abandoned. Fiona realizes that her stepfather and Phil left the ship, and takes over as captain, despite how distraught she becomes. About then, Count Olaf captures the submarine and takes the children prisoner to be tortured for the location of the Sugar Bowl. However, once in the brig, Fiona reunites with Fernald, who has joined Olaf's troupe. Violet informs Fiona that Fernald burnt Anwhistle Aquatics, and Fernald explains to them that people aren't either wicked or noble, but like chef's salads.


Fiona giving Klaus a farewell kiss.

He agrees to help them escape on the condition they allow him to come, which Fiona quickly agrees to. They try to sneak to the Queequeg, but Fiona and Fernald are caught by Esmé Squalor and Carmelita Spats. Fiona pretends to be joining Olaf's troupe in order to explain why she's not in the brig, and to buy the Baudelaires time to escape. 

She is then approached by Count Olaf, who offers to help her find her stepfather if she actually joins him. She agrees in order to reunite her family, and watches as Olaf re-captures the Baudelaires. She gives him the Medusoid Mycelium they have trapped in Sunny's helmet, but lets the Baudelaires go instead of taking them prisoner. Before leaving, she tells them that when they think of her, to think of a food they love very much, before kissing Klaus and departing. 

Later Life

Fiona was so desperate to reach you, Klaus. She wanted you to forgive her as well.
Fernald and Fiona immediately double-cross Olaf and steal his submarine from him.[3]

What happens next is unclear; though Lemony Snicket claims that Fernald fought the Quagmires on the mobile home before it crashed,[3] Kit Snicket claims that she and Widdershins reunited with Fernald and Fiona on the Queequeg, which was then crashed into by the Self-Sustaining Hot Air Mobile Home- holding Hector, Duncan, Isadora and Quigley Quagmire. She tells Klaus that Fiona was desperate to make up with him for what happened.

After the crash, everyone was left in the water and approached by the Great Unknown. All but Kit decided to take their chances with it, and whether it saved them or ate them is uncertain. All that is said is that, while the Baudelaires were traveling to the arboretum of the island, the Quagmire triplets (who were among the shipwrecked) were "in circumstances just as dark although quite a bit damper than" theirs.[4]

Netflix Series Divergent Canon

So, let's not hesitate, Baudelaires!

Fiona Widdershins in the Netflix series.

In the TV series, Fiona is now the captain and is known as Fiona Widdershins, portrayed by Kassius Nelson. Her stepfather is omitted from the show. She also has a slightly British accent in the show. Something unique to the TV series is that Violet does not trust her as much as she did in the book, warning Klaus that Fiona may not be sincere.

She is the captain since Widdershins left to answer a distress call from a manatee, and after picking up the Baudelaires, she is entirely focused on her mission of finding the sugar bowl. Fiona and Violet enter an argument about what they should be doing, especially once Violet begins questioning Fiona, causing Fiona to shout, "I am the captain and that is an order!" Fiona immediately apologizes, saying she has been under stress ever since Widdershins left. Fiona admits to Klaus that she doesn't know what's inside the bowl; the two of them bond over their parents keeping secrets from them.

They later trace the sugar bowl to the Gorgonian Grotto, and though Fiona is scared of the Medusoid Mycelium, she takes Violet's advice and agrees to let them go. The Great Unknown appears, and Fiona turns off everything on the submarine in order to hide from it. Afterwards, the Baudelaires suggest reading Lemony Snicket's account of it while they head for the grotto.

The submarine is boarded by Count Olaf and his troupe, but Fiona manages to hide. She sends a distress telegram to Kit Snicket, before being caught by Fernald. However, Fernald lets her go and she remains hidden on the Queequeg. 

Fiona telegram

Fiona receives a Volunteer Factual Dispatch.

The Baudelaires escape Olaf and return with a sick Sunny, and Fiona helps Violet repair the telegram machine before helping them research an antidote to the Medusoid Mycelium in order to save Sunny; the fungus is trapped in a helmet, which the Baudelaires give to Fiona as a gift. She then receives a telegram telling them to go to the Hotel Denouement. She refuses to leave until Fernald arrives, but the Baudelaires don't trust him. 

Olaf arrives again and tries to kill Fernald for betraying him. In order to save her brother's life, Fiona gives Olaf the Medusoid Mycelium. He then convinces her to join his troupe and orders her to put the Baudelaires in the brig. Instead, however, once he leaves, she allows them to escape and promises to help free the Snow Scouts trapped on Olaf's ship. She kisses Klaus and departs. 

Widdershins family

Fiona and Fernald take over the Carmelita.

When Olaf discovers her betrayal, he locks her and Fernald in the brig, which they are able to escape using Fernald's hooks. When Olaf, Esmé and Carmelita leave the submarine, they steal it and depart.

It is implied she is able to reunite with her stepfather when she hears his voice on a radio in The End.


  • She is described as "a bit older than Violet". Since Violet turned 15 in The Grim Grotto, that means Fiona is probably 15 or 16 years old.
  • The changes made to her character in the Netflix adaptation were partly in order to reference Ellington Feint, described as "another morally ambiguous girl searching for her missing father."[5] All the Wrong Questions is referenced more in the Netflix version as well, with Fiona saying that there is a copy of Lemony's accounts of the Great Unknown (now clearly the Bombinating Beast) in the library.[6]
  • There is a theory that Mrs. Widdershins and Miranda Caliban are the same, meaning Fiona and Fernald are Friday's siblings or half-siblings (depending if Thursday is Captain Widdershins or someone else.)
    • Fernald, Fiona and Friday are all names beginning with F, which could support this theory.
    • Another fact supporting this theory is that most siblings in the series come in groups of three, and even on the rare occasions that only two siblings are known of, the existence of a third sibling is usually hinted at (such as the White-Faced Women). The only known siblings in groups of two (aside from Fiona and Fernald) are from All the Wrong Questions: Pip and Squeak Bellerophon, Kellar and Lizzie Haines, Zada and Zora, and Tatiana and Treacle Cozy.
    • Something against this theory could be that Kit Snicket believes Friday's father and Miranda's husband, Thursday, is alive and well, and mentions dining with him the day before meeting the Baudelaires. The day before meeting the Baudelaires, Captain Widdershins was with them on his submarine, and by the time Kit was discussing Thursday, Kit believed the Captain to be either deceased or in mortal peril due to the crash of the Queequeg and arrival of the Great Unknown.


Captain Widdershins
Mrs. Widdershins




Netflix Series


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