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Move as fast as you can and then move faster!
— Foreman Flacutono, "The Miserable Mill: Part Two"

Flacutono is an alias used by one of Count Olaf's associates. Flacutono is an anagram for Count Olaf.

In the books, it is The Bald Man with the Long Nose.

In the TV series, it is Fernald, The Hook-Handed Man.


The Miserable Mill

He replaced Foreman Firstein just before the Baudelaire orphans arrive at Lucky Smells Lumbermill. He wears a doctor's mask and a white, curly wig that "looks like worms".

He is very mean to the Baudelaires during their time at the lumbermill. He trips Klaus to break his glasses, so Klaus could go to Georgina Orwell so he could be hypnotized. 

His true identity is revealed at the end of The Miserable Mill. When captured, he escapes out a window with Shirley, who is Count Olaf disguised as a woman.

The Hostile Hospital

At Heimlich Hospital, the Bald Man is disguised as Dr. Flacutono, while Count Olaf is disguised as the head of human resources, Mattathias, the Hook-Handed Man is disguised as Dr. O. Lucafont, the White-Faced Women are disguised as Nurse Flo and Doctor Tocuna and the Henchperson of Indeterminate Gender is disguised as a security guard.

Dr. Flacutono and Dr. O Lucafont attempt to perform the world's first cranioectomy on Violet Baudelaire, who they are pretending is a patient named Laura V. Bleediotie, along with Dr. Faustus, who is really Klaus Baudelaire and has been forced to help with the operation by Olaf. However, Klaus manages to stall and Violet is saved, but soon Esmé Squalor burns down the hospital and the villains abandon their disguises and flee.

TV series

In the TV adaption, the alias of Foreman Flacutono is used by the Hook-Handed Man, and he wears a full outfit and special gloves over his hooks. Instead of a wig and surgical mask, he wears a gas mask covering his whole face. The Bald Man with the Long Nose is completely absent from the TV adaptation of The Miserable Mill.

The Hook-Handed Man also uses the alias of Dr. Flacutono at Heimlich Hospital, wearing a full white medical suit and yellow gloves covering his hooks. The Bald Man with the Long Nose instead uses the alias of Dr. Tocuna, which was used by one of the White-Faced Women in the books.




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