Foreman Flacutono is a disguise of Count Olaf's associate, The Bald Man with the Long Nose.

The Miserable Mill

He replaced Foreman Firstein just before the Baudelaire orphans arrive at Lucky Smells Lumbermill. He wears a doctor's mask, and a white, curly wig that "looks like worms". He is very mean to the Baudelaires during their time at the lumbermill. His true identity is revealed at the end of The Miserable Mill.[1] He trips Klaus to break his glasses, so Klaus could go to the hospital and hypnotize him. Flacutono is an anagram for Count Olaf. He is really The Bald Man with the Long Nose. When captured, he escapes out a window with Shirley, who is Count Olaf disguised as a woman.

TV series

In the TV adaption, the alias of Foreman Flacutono is used by the Hook-Handed Man where he wore a full outfit and special gloves over his hooks.





TV series

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