Frank Denouement is a member of the fire-fighting side of V.F.D.. He is the brother of Ernest and Dewey Denouement and one of the managers of Hotel Denouement.

The Penultimate Peril

Throughout The Penultimate Peril, the Baudelaires have trouble telling him and Ernest apart. When Dewey was killed, Frank or Ernest placed the Baudelaire children in Room 121 while the other one placed Count Olaf in Room 165.

During the trial of the Baudelaire children and Count Olaf, they submitted a Commonplace book as evidence.

When the Hotel Denouement Fire was started, the Woman With Hair But No Beard directed them towards the elevator. When Violet Baudelaire shouts for them to call the fire department, they quote "Which one" as the elevator closes on them.

It is unknown if he survived the fire that destroyed the Hotel Denouement.

TV Series

The three Denouement brothers are portrayed by Max Greenfield in the TV series. Both Frank and Ernest Denouement are first seen outside the Hotel Denouement, having a casual conversation, despite apparently being on opposite sides of the schism. Both brothers are managers for the hotel and Kit Snicket informs the Baudelaire orphans to handle their information with care, as only Frank is trustworthy whilst Ernest will seek to sabotage V.F.D's upcoming plans.

When the children enter the Hotel in their concierge disguises, a currently unidentified Dewey Denouement approaches Kit and discusses their future together. Kit requests for Dewey to give his regards to Frank, falsely implying this brother to be Ernest.

After being introduced to one brother and discussing a means of identifying him by his aloof behaviour, the second brother approaches the Baudelaires and is equally ambiguous about his identity. However, while the first brother was unaware of the V.F.D guests' arrival on Thursday until he was informed by a concierge, this brother was already aware and discusses preparations. This brother also warns the Baudelaires to exercise caution as many enemies could be within the hotel. This brother is more likely Frank, as the first brother (most likely Ernest) was unaware of the guests' anticipated arrival on Thursday, a detail that all genuine V.F.D members would be informed of.

When Violet leaves the rooftop following Carmelita's request for a harpoon gun, Violet approaches a brother in the lobby and discusses the request. This brother encourages the Harpoon gun's delivery and states that V.F.D has already taken Carmelita's intentions into account, before retrieving a harpoon gun from a storage closet. Despite the concerning behaviour this brother demonstrates, this brother is likely Frank; whilst this brother references V.F.D openly to Violet, the other brother whom is speaking to Klaus at the same time makes no reference to V.F.D when encouraging hanging Bird Fly Paper from a specific window.

Following Dewey's death, Frank is the one who captures Olaf and brings him back to the hotel. Oddly, Olaf at first appears to believe this brother to be Ernest, but he denies this.

At Olafs trial, both brothers are saddened by the mention of persons hurt by Count Olaf during the Baudelaire's speech. Frank mostly tries to support the Baudelaires contrary to Ernest casting doubt on their claims. When the audience begins to applaud, one of the brothers, most likely Frank, begins to applause as well while the other brother simply scoffs in bemusement.

Following the trial, both brothers are blindfolded while the Baudelaires, Count Olaf and Justice Strauss escape to the rooftop. It is unknown of they survive the following fire Count Olaf lights in the Laundry room during the escape.


  • It is a mystery as to why Frank never reveals his identity to the Baudelaires, as while Ernest would let them know he is on the fire-starting side of the VFD schism and Dewey must keep his identity a secret, Frank is the person they were told to help and revealing this would make them trust him.
  • Since the first letter of each Denouement brothers name could correspond to their birth order, Frank is possibly the youngest Denouement.
  • As Dewey confirmed being ambidexterous, it is likely Frank along with Ernest are as well as they are each identical triplets.
  • If Frank had not let Violet deliver the harpoon gun to Carmelita it is likely Dewey would have survived.
  • Some have speculated that Frank may actually be on the fire-starting side of VFD.
    • Frank never reveals his identity to the Baudelaires allowing Ernest to fool them (But Dewey as well).
    • Frank gave Carmelita spats the harpoon gun Dewey later died from.
    • Frank may have supported the Baudelaires at the trial to keep his true loyalty a secret or because he holds a grudge against Olaf for his brothers death.
      • Despite these claims, Frank not revealing his identity may be so they trusted Dewey as well and it is likely the VFD wanted Carmelita to have the harpoon gun to distract her and Esme Squalor. Alternatively, the reason Frank gave the harpoon gun to Carmelita was to assist Frank into dropping the package into the sub-sub-basement.
  • The show chooses to have Frank be the triplet who apprehends Count Olaf, though in the books it is ambiguous.
  • Based on scenes where it is known which triplet is which, Frank's personality seems to be more "matter of fact" and blunt than his brothers, perhaps in reference to his name. 




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