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Hear hear? The town fathers tell you to abandon this little boy? The town fathers leave Rölf to die, and you say 'hear hear'? Where is your conscience? Where is your concern for young people? This town should be ashamed of itself!
— Gerta, Zombies in the Snow, pages 99-100[1]

Gerta was a character in Zombies in the SnowIn the TV series, she is played by Jacquelyn.


Zombies in the Snow

Gerta is a kind "little" milkmaid whose village is attacked by zombies. She protests when the Town Fathers attempt to abandon Young Rölf, asking where the village's conscience is. She refuses to go behind the sturdy oak barrier, as she plans to befriend the zombies. The village abandons her and Rölf, and she informs him that the zombies have already bitten through one wall of sturdy oak.[1]

She manages to make friends with the zombies and asks them to please stop eating the villagers. They agree, and they and the villagers celebrate May Day together.[2]

TV Series Divergent Canon

Gerta is played by Jacquelyn Scieszka, and appears to be the main character.