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Gilbert Gottfried is an actor who provided the voice of a duck in the 2004 Paramount film adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events.


At the young age of 15, Gilbert Gottfried began doing stand-up at open mike nights in New York City and, after a few short years, became known around town as "the comedian's comedian". After spending several years mastering the art of stand-up comedy, producers of the legendary NBC late-night comedy show, Saturday Night Live (1975), became aware of Gottfried and, in 1980, hired him as a cast member. It wasn't until a few years later when his true notoriety would begin when MTV hired him for a series of improvised and hilarious promos for the newly formed channel. This led to several television appearances on The Cosby Show (1984) and [error].

Gottfried's work in television soon led to roles in film. Most notable was his improvised scene as business manager "Sidney Bernstein" in the hit sequel, Beverly Hills Cop II (1987), for which the New York Daily News said that "Gilbert Gottfried steals the picture with a single scene". Aside from his glowing reputation in comedy clubs, Gottfried began to gain a reputation as the king of quirky roles in both movies and television. He appeared in such movies as Problem Child (1990), Problem Child 2 (1991), Look Who's Talking Too (1990) and The Adventures of Ford Fairlane (1990). He was also the host of the very popular late night movie series, Up All Night (1989).

After his stellar performance as the wise cracking parrot, "Iago", in the Disney classic, Aladdin (1992), Gottfried became one of the most recognizable voice-over talents. His signature voice can be heard in several commercials, cartoons and movies, including the frustrated duck in the AFLAC Insurance commercials. Gottfried also is the voice of "Digit" in the long- running PBS Series, Cyberchase (2002).

Gottfried has been a regular on the new Hollywood Squares (1998) and is a frequent guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (1992) and Howard Stern on Demand (2005). Gottfried recently appeared in the hit comedy documentary, The Aristocrats (2005), with Entertainment Weekly saying that "out of the 101 comedians who appear on screen, no one is funnier - or more disgusting - than Gilbert Gottfried". "Gilbert Gottfried Dirty Jokes" was recently released on both DVD and CD, featuring 50 non-stop minutes of Gottfried telling the funniest and filthiest jokes, ever. The show was filmed live at the Gotham Comedy Club in New York City. Also featured on the DVD are some of the funniest bonus features ever, including wild stories, indignant ranting and celebrity impressions that will leave viewers crying for more. For this live performance, Gottfried puts aside political correctness and fires an onslaught of jokes that know no boundaries. At the end of the show, Gottfried tells what is known among comedians as the "Dirtiest Joke of All Time", which is also the basis for The Aristocrats (2005).

Gottfried is one of the most sought-after comedians, and regularly performs live to sold-out audiences across North America.[1]



Year Title Role Notes
1980 The Further Adventures of Wally Brown Bernstein
1984 The House of God Paramedic
1985 Bad Medicine Tony Sandoval
1987 Beverly Hills Cop II Sidney Bernstein
1987 Norman's Corner Norman
1988 Hot to Trot Dentist
1988 3rd Bass: The Gas Face Mr. Wesell
1989 Never on Tuesday Lucky Larry Lupin Uncredited
1990 The Adventures of Ford Fairlane Johnny Crunch
1990 Problem Child Mr. Peabody
1990 Seriously... Phil Collins Roger - TV Executive
1990 Look Who's Talking Too Joey
1991 Problem Child 2 Mr. Peabody
1991 Highway to Hell Hitler
1991 Seeing Is Believing Gilbert Gottfried
1992 Aladdin Iago Voice
1994 House Party 3 Luggage Clerk
1994 Thumbelina Mr. Beetle Voice
1994 The Return of Jafar Iago Voice
1994 Silk Degrees Rene
1994 Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas Bert Banner
1994 The Muppets: She Drives Me Crazy Gilbert Gottfried
1995 Problem Child 3: Junior in Love Dr. Peabody
1995 The Greatest Treasure Iago Voice
1995 Aladdin's Arabian Adventures: Magic Makers Iago Voice
1995 Aladdin on ice Iago Voice
1996 True Hearts Iago Voice
1996 Magic and Mystery Iago Voice
1996 Aladdin's Arabian Adventures: Team Genie Iago Voice
1996 Be Cool About Fire Safety Seemore Smoke Voice
1996 Escape from It's a Wonderful Life Man on Porch Voice
1995 Aladdin and the King of Thieves Iago Voice
1997 Meet Wally Sparks Mr. Harry Karp
1997 How to Be a Player Tony the Doorman
1998 Doctor Dolittle Compulsive Dog Voice
1998 Titey Napolean Voice
1998 Aladdin's Arabian Adventures: Fearless Friends Iago Voice
1998 Aladdin's Arabian Adventures: Creatures of Invention Iago Voice
1999 Goosed Alan Levy
1999 Jasmine's Wish Iago Voice
2001 Longshot Mr. Chadwick
2001 Mickey's House of Villains Iago Voice
2004 The Amazing Floydini Strange Man
2004 Back by Midnight Security Guard
2004 Funky Monkey Dr. Spleen
2004 Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events Duck Voice
2005 Jasmine's Enchanted Tales: Journey of a Princess Iago Voice
2006 The Last Request Bum
2006 Farce of the Penguins Freezing Nuts Penguin Voice
2007 Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams Iago Voice
2009 Hysterical Psycho Mr G
2009 Jack and the Beanstalk Grayson
2013 Beecher Baby Boomer Howard Featherstone Voice
2014 A Million Ways to Die in the West Abraham Lincoln
2014 The Newbridge Tourism Board Presents: We're Newbridge We're Comin' to Get Ya! Gilbert Gottfried Short
2014 Elf: Buddy's Magical Christmas Mr. Greenway Voice
2015 Rock Story Dwayne Smiley
2016 Director's Cut Superintendent
2016 Sharknado 4: the 4th Awakens Ron McDonald
2016 Gender Bender Dr. Montalto
2016 Midnight Show
2016 The Comedian Gilbert Gottfried
2016 Hospital Arrest Carter
2017 80s Creature House Grim Reaper
2017 Animal Crackers Mario Zucchini Voice
2017 Sharknado 5: Global Swarming Ron McDonald
2018 Abnormal Attraction Pig Man
2018 Boy Band Mort Voice
2018 The Last Sharknado: It's About Time Rand McDonald
2019 Super Gidget Infester Voice
2020 A Wrestling Christmas Miracle Rice
2020 The Truth About Santa Claus Dr. Leland
Hassle at the Castle Gorgeous George


Year Title Role Notes
1987 The Cosby Show Mr. Babcock One Episode
1990 Superboy Nick Knack
1991 Molson Canadian Comedy Releaf One Episode
1991 Night Court Oscar Brown
1992 The Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys The Director
1992 A Different World Sergeant
1993 Bonkers Two-Bits Voice
1993 The State Soup Guy Voice
1994 Herman's Head Bob One Episode
1994 Adventures in Wonderland Mike McNasty One Episode
1994 The Ren & Stimpy Show Jerry the Belly Button Elf One Episode
1994 Beavis and Butt-Head Gus Baker One Episode
1993-1994 Bobby's World Mad Scientist / Karate Sensei Voice
1993-1994 Silk Stalkings Joel Mellman / Billy
1994 Living Single Larry Friedlander One Episode
1993-1994 Problem Child Voice
1995 The Watcher
1995 Late Night with Conan O'Brien Andy Richter Escapes Comedy Skit One Episode
1995 The Parent 'Hood The Manager One Episode
1995 Married... with Children Gilbert Gottfried One Episode
1994-1995 Aladdin Iago Voice
1995 Are You Afraid of the Dark? Roy One Episode
1995 Mad About You Spanky's Master One Episode
1994-1995 Wings Lewish
1995 Timon & Pumbaa Woodpecker Voice
One Episode
1995 Bump in the Night Odiferous J. Stench Voice
One Episode
1995-1996 The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat Voices Voice
1996 In the House Mr. Comstock One Episode
1996 Clueless DMV Examiner One Episode
1995-1997 Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man Art 'Bones' De Salvo Voice
1997 The Weird Al Show Al's Imaginary Friend Gilbert One Episode
1998 Jenny Nathan One Episode
1998 The Tom Show Stewy One Episode
1980-1998 Saturday Night Live Various
1998 Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist Gilbert Voice
1998 Hercules Clion Voice
One Episode
1998 Noddy Jack Frost Voice
One Episode
1997-1998 Superman: The Animated Series Mr. Mxyzptlk Voice
2000 Dilbert The Troll Voice
One Episode
1998-2000 Adventures from the Book of Virtues Horace / The Rat Voice
2000-2001 Clerks Patrick Swayze / Jerry Seinfeld Voice
2002 Celebrity Deathmatch Gilbert Gottfried Voice
One Episode
2001-2002 Son of the Beach Noccus Johnstein
2001-2002 House of Mouse Iago Voice
2002 Bear in the Big Blue House Big Possum
2001-2002 The Fairly OddParents Dr. Wendell Bender Voice
2003 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Stand-Up Comedian One Episode
2003 Crank Yankers George Zucco
2003 Becker Alan One Episode
2004 Home Movies Tonko the Parrot Voice
One Episode
2005 The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy Santa Claus Voice
One Episode
2006 Greg the Bunny Gilbert
2007 My Gym Partner's a Monkey Rick the Platypus Voice
One Episode
2007 The Emperor's New School Potion Voice
One Episode
2008 Hannah Montana Barney Bittman one Episode
2008 Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy
2008 Sesame Street Denny the Distracter One Episode
2009 Star-ving Gilbert One Episode
2009 Back at the Barnyard Barn Buddy Voice
One Episode'
2009 30 Rock Gilbert Gottfried One Episode
2010 'Til Death Tommy
2010 M'larky Detective Gilbert
2010 Robotomy Tickle Me Psycho Voice
One Episode
2004-2011 The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Various Characters
2011 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Leo Gerber
2011-2012 CollegeHumor Originals Mr. Elbow / Twitter
2013 Mad LinKONG / Crash / Father Voice
One Episiode
2013 The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange Alfalfa Voice
One Episode
2014 Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja Ranginald Bagel Voice
One Episode
2014 Anger Management Dudley One Episode
2015 Deadbeat Suicidal Man One Episode
2014-2016 Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Kraang Sub-Prime Voice
2016 Thingstarter One Episode
2015-2016 The Jim Gaffigan Show Gilbert Gottfried
2016 Mighty Magiswords Prohyas' Stomach
2017 The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Strip Club MC One Episode
2017 The Tom and Jerry Show Genie Voice
One Episode
2017 Episodes Gilbert Gottfried One Episode
2018 Crashing Gilbert Gottfried One Episode
2017-2018 Justice League Action Mr. Mxyzptlk Voice
2007-2018 Family Guy Dog Whistle / Horse Voice
2019 Critters: A New Binge Uncle
2019 Historical Roasts Adolf Hitler One Episode
2017-2019 Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Jared Kushner Voice
2019 The Angry Video Game Nerd Fred Fuchs
2019 SpongeBob SquarePants Sal Voice
One Episode
2002-2020 Cyberchase Digit / Widget Voice
2020 Karate Tortoise Rat Bastard One Episode
2019-2021 The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Samantha / The Redaction