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Gonzalo was an unseen character mentioned in The End.


Before arriving on The Island, Alonso mentions being involved in a dreadful political scandal with a man named Gonzalo. When Count Olaf mentions an old man being blackmailed involved in an political scandal, Alonso guesses Gonzalo, implying Gonzalo is an old man.[1]


  • Gonzolo's name and minor role on Alonso's unknown backstory is a reference to William Shakespeare's The Tempest.
    • The play concerns a number of people shipwrecked on an island, much like the colonists.
    • In the play, a King called Alonso allowed Antonio to usurp the dukedom of his brother, Prospero, and send Prospero and Miranda to their deaths at sea. However, an old councillor, Gonzalo, gave them enough supplies to make it to an island. This is likely what referenced by Alonso's political scandal.
    • Alonso, Ariel, Ferdinand and Miranda Caliban also derive their names from the play. (In Miranda's case, also her surname.) Count Olaf also uses Stephano as a name for a disguise.