The Gracq Family are a mining family from Stain'd-by-the-Sea.


The Gracq family owned the only mine in Stain'd-by-the-Sea, in which Mr. Gracq and Marguerite would mine for gold. After retrieving it, Mr. Gracq would take the gold into his workshop- to which only he had a key- and melt it down to make into nails, which he would paint black in order to hide the treasure. The nails were used to hang up Ms. Gracq's portraits of Finnish poets, which were an interest of hers.

When the mine dried up, Mr. Gracq left town to seek alternative employment, leaving Marguerite in the care of Dagmar. Marguerite was given the only key to his workshop, in order to protect the gold still remaining. Dagmar was later arrested, and it is unknown who watched Marguerite, if anyone, afterwards.

As Ms. Gracq seems to be gone when Mr. Gracq left town- Lemony Snicket wonders about how she left her "beloved portraits" behind but was nowhere to be found- it is presumable that she either abandoned her family or died; considering, as mentioned, her portraits were left behind, her being deceased is more likely.[1]

It is unknown if Mr. Gracq managed to fetch Marguerite before the children of Stain'd-by-the-Sea were captured by the Inhumane Society and sent to Wade Academy, and thus if Marguerite was included in the group of students who were kidnapped[2] and later rebelled.[3]

Family Tree

Mr. Gracq
Ms. Gracq (†?)
Marguerite Gracq


  • Their surname is likely a reference to the French writer Julien Gracq.
    • Marguerite specifies to Snicket that her name is spelled "the French way."[1]
  • While Mr. Gracq and Marguerite are specified to be miners, it is unknown is Ms. Gracq was involved in the family business, or if she remained interested exclusively in Finnish poetry.




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