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The following article or section concerns information that is considered even less canonical than the chance of a happy ending. Any information following should not be used as a source for the canon of the book series.

Hey! You haven't paid for that!
— The Gruff Grocer to the Baudelaires

The Gruff Grocer works at the Damocles Dock. He yells at the Baudelaires after they almost accidentally leave his grocers without paying for the large bags they are clutching.


The Gruff Grocer works at the Damocles Dock near Lake Lachrymose. When Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire attempt to follow their Aunt Josephine out of the grocers without first paying in order to warn her that the man she has just met is actually Count Olaf, the gruff grocer shouts them and reminds them that they have yet to pay.

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