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Hans Mann is a man who lived in Stain'd-by-the-Sea. He appears in File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents, in the twelfth incident, "Troublesome Ghost." 


Early Life

Hans Mann is the son of Old Lady Mann and her husband, who later died. He had a sister, who later joined the air force. The family lived in the Mann mansion, which used to house visiting theater troupes.

Before the economic crash of Stain'd-by-the-Sea, Hans Mann worked at the Stain'd Playhouse as a set builder with Billy Becker, while his mother, ran the box office. He specifically recalls building a pirate ship with working rigging for Shiver Me Timbers, making invisible wires for Dame Sally Murphy in Mother of Icarus, and making an onstage trainwreck for Look Out for That Train Wreck. But after the playhouse closed down, Hans moved to the city and found work in a staple gun factory. The only actors remaining in town were Old Lady Mann, who lived in the Mann Mansion, Sally Murphy, and Billy Becker, who lived in a shack and caught rats in a pillowcase. 

File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents

Troublesome Ghost

Hans drove into town to try to convince his mother to live with him in the city and work for the staple gun factory in the costumer complaints department, as she had recently become terrified of the ghost of her deceased husband. He stopped by Hungry's, where he explained to Jake Hix and Lemony Snicket that his mother had heard strange noises around the house, heard a sinister muttering under her bed, and her chest opened while she was gone, though she saw nobody. That continued consistently for several days, and then the day before, she'd seen a ghost through the window, convinced it was her late husband. Snicket very quickly figures out what happened, and asks to go to the Mann Mansion to talk to Billy Becker. 

Train Wreck

Billy Becker had gotten together all the former materials he and Hans had used as stagehands- chains, old costumes and rats in pillowcases- to try and scare Old Lady Mann out of her house so he could move in. After he was caught, he confessed, and Old Lady Mann allowed him to stay. 

Physical Appearance

Hans is described as a worried-looking man with a pair of overalls "that looked worried, too."


Unnamed Father
Old Lady Mann
Hans Mann