Hector's House was the residence of the Baudelaire orphans during their stay in the Village of Fowl Devotees and the home of Hector.


The house is a mile away from the Village of Fowl Devotees townhouse, and sits beside Hector's barn and in front of the Nevermore Tree.

It resides on a wide and flat plane, far away from the rest of the village. The house is large and sturdy, with a pointed roof and large front porch. It is large enough for rooms for six residents- as Hector had a room for each Baudelaire orphan and offered some for the Quagmire triplets should they be found.

The entrance of the house leads into a hallway, down to a parlor that is beside the kitchen, which includes a round wooden table and an oven. It is where Hector can brew tea and prepare Mexican dishes such as enchiladas. The aforementioned parlor contains a couch.

The cawing crows can be heard from indoors if the windows were left open.[1]




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