She always had good books to suggest to me, even though she had no children herself.

The Helpful Librarian is a minor character in The Hero of the Story.


She is one of two librarians in a city that Lemony Snicket visited as a thirteen-year-old runaway. Snicket preferred her to her counterpart and spent a lot of time in the library to avoid the cold. She recommended him a book of stories from all over the world, which he later read to a baby given to him to watch. He mentions that the librarian always had good books to suggest, implying that she is well-educated and cares about the library's patrons.

When the sunrise came the next day, Snicket came to to the library where the helpful librarian was opening up. He gives the baby to her to raise, having discovered that the infant's "mother" was a kidnapper. The librarian, who previously had been childless for reasons undisclosed, adopted the infant and raises them from that point forward.[1]



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