The House of Freaks appears at the Caligari Carnival and is an entertainment option for many circus purveyors.


The show is inside a shabby tent with several holes in it, a sign before it reading "WELCOME TO THE HOUSE OF FREAKS," decorated with a small drawing of a girl with three eyes, supposed to indicate unusual people are inside. The tent is beside the caravan the employees live in, labelled with peeling paint as "FREAKS."

The tent seems bigger inside due to there being little decoration; there is a wooden stage with folding chairs placed on it, where the "freaks" go to perform. The stage is underneath a banner, reading "HOUSE OF FREAKS" in large, sloppy letters. A small stand sells cold beverages.[1]


The show is performed daily. In it, the "freaks" are put on display, their irregularities exaggerated and spotlighted in an effort to draw the crowd into mocking and belittling them as a form of entertainment.

Known performances include Hugo attempting to put a coat over his hunchback, Colette bending into unusual positions, Kevin writing his name with both hands to show he is ambidextrous, and briefly, Beverly and Elliot, The Two-Headed Freak, attempting to eat an ear of corn, and Chabo the Wolf Baby growling at the audience.[1]

Netflix Series Divergent Canon

In the Netflix adaptation, the tent appears to be much bigger and better cared-for, with an actual large stage and stands for guests to sit in. Hot dogs and popcorn are also sold.

The only notable difference in the show seems to be Kevin shaving as well as writing with both hands. When Count Olaf takes over, he performs a musical number, "Welcome To The House Of Freaks."[2]

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