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Hungry's is the cafe that Lemony Snicket and his associates frequently visited in All the Wrong Questions.


Hungry's is positioned across the street from Partial Foods and nearby Black Cat Coffee.[1]


Hungry's is described as a small and narrow place[1]; it is described as not looking like anything special.[2] There are a few booths along the wall, and a counter where customers can sit and watch the chef prepare their meal.[1] A lot of their food comes from the garden tended by Jake Hix and Cleo Knight.[2]

It is owned by Hungry Hix. Her nephew, Jake, works as an apprentice chef.

Jake tends to give Lemony Snicket, Pip Bellerophon and Squeak Bellerophon free food, to his aunt's dismay.[2]

Known Customers

Known Meals

  • Bread, prepared over several days with warm milk
  • Buttermilk[2]
  • Chocolate Muffins
  • Coffee
  • Crabs[4]
  • Doughnuts, prepared by Hungry[3]
  • Dumplings[1]
  • Eggs[4]
  • Farro risotto[2]
  • Gashouse Eggs[1]
  • Gridiron Ham[4]
  • Habanero pepper jam
  • Hangtown Fries
  • Limeade[2]
  • Pecan Muffins (not to be served to Stew Mitchum under any circumstances)[4]
  • Procini Mushroom
  • Reuben (served to Kellar Haines with extra Russian dressing)[2]
  • Soup[1]
  • Spaghetti
  • Steak Frites[4]
  • Tea[1]
  • Tomato-watermelon gazpacho[2]