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There was nothing wrong with this town until you and your crazy mom showed up and started stirring things up.

Hungry Hix is the owner of Hungry's, and Jake Hix's aunt. 

All the Wrong Questions

Early Life

Hungry lives in Stain'd-by-the-Sea and runs her own diner named after herself. She took in her nephew, Jake, after his parents left town, and let him be an apprentice chef in her diner.[1] She seems to dislike his habit of giving out free food, mainly to Pip and Squeak Bellerophon, as they did not get a lot of paying customers. 

At some point, she was married to a man from Calcutta.[2]

When Did You See Her Last?

Lemony Snicket enters the diner, and she dislikes his smart aleck attitude. She tells him to sit wherever he wantsd, and then scolds Jake for reading instead of taking his order and doing the dishes. He tells Snicket that she's just cranky due to the lack of customers. 

Shouldn't You Be in School?

Hungry is wiping down a booth while the Talkie Brothers eat in the diner, having been injured in a fire the night before. Jake tries to leave with Snicket, Cleo and Moxie, but Hungry forbids him. He says that he'll take the garbage out and return as soon as it's "in the proper receptaclle." He then tells Snicket and the Talkie Brothers that they can have their breakfast on the house, as they helped out in a town emergency, to which Hungry begrudgingly agrees. 

Jake does not return, which worries Hungry a lot. Soon Pip and Squeak arrive to try and get food, and Hungry chases them out, only to find Snicket outside. He tells her that Jake was taken to Wade Academy, before going inside to make the Bellerophons tandoori chicken with vegetables, ignoring Hunry's protests. She eats his mea, and is displeased when Snicket leaves without doing the dishes, though he does tell Hungry that he hopes to bring Jake back to her soon. 

The next day, Jake, Cleo and Moxie return, having escaped from Wade Academy. Snicket arrives later, injured from a fight with Stew Mitchum, which surprises Hungry enough that she stops wiping the wall. She tells Jake that Snicket has been a bad influence, and that nothing bad happened until he arrived and started stirring things up. Snicket says that everything is wrong with the town, and that even garbage is being stolen; she agrees that she seems to have lost her nice garbage can, and he tells her that it's in a Dilemma's trunk parked at Wayward Way, and she leaves to go see for herself. 

Physical Appearance

Hungry is described as large and wide,[1] and as always looking exhausted and cranky.[2]



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