Man: They won't stop coming, Dolores. They're like zombies, only different.
Dolores: I'm afraid they've been... hypnotized...
Hypnotists in the Office, alternatively referred to as Hypnotists in the Forest,[1] is a movie directed by Gustav Sebald.

Suspected Information

While not much is known about the film, it is known that Sebald made his films in order to send crucial messages to V.F.D. agents through the use of Sebald Code.[2]

Considering how Georgina Orwell was known to be a hypnotist in cahoots with Count Olaf (and therefore the Firestarters)[3] and someone feared by Sally Sebald, and was someone whose outfit resembles the standard V.F.D. Optometrist Disguise,[2] it is likely that either she had something to do with the message involved in the film, or inspired it in some way.

Netflix Series Divergent Canon

In the Netflix adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events, the film is seen, though it is instead retitled Hypnotists in the Forest.

While only one seen is shown, it seems that someone (dressed similarly to Georgina) is hypnotizing several people. Dolores and a Man escape into the woods, but Dolores is hypnotized and begins clucking like a chicken and playing the violin.

It is known that Phil and Lemony Snicket viewed the film.[1]

Cast and Crew



  • In the Netflix adaptation, the actor portraying the man also portrayed a Town Father in Zombies in the Snow.[5]
    • The character of Dolores also seems to have been taken from the book-canon version of Zombies in the Snow.



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