I Lost Something at the Movies is an in-universe book written by Lena Pukalie and published by Voracious Film Discussions Press.


Not much is known about the content of the book; on pages 302-303, the film Zombies in the Snow is discussed. Pukalie calls it a strange film with awkward dialogue, and suggests that it may be hiding a coded message in its script. 

It is considered an important VFD book, as Ms. K required her class (potential recruits) to read it, and The Daily Punctilio listed it as a dangerous books.

The author, Pukalie, was among the list of Count Olaf's associates, made by Lemony Snicket.[1] 

Known Facts

  • There are at least 303 pages.[1] 
  • It seems to be published by at least one side of VFD, as its publishing house keeps the initials, and it was on Ms. K's reading list.[1] 



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