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Doretta, Miss Knight has disappeared?
— Ignatius Knight, When Did You See Her Last?

Ignatius Nettle Knight is the son of the late founder of Ink Inc., Ingrid Knight, as well as the husband of Doretta Knight and the father of Cleo Knight.


Early life

Ignatius was born the son of Ingrid Knight, the founder of Ink Inc., and he lived in Stain'd-by-the-Sea. He inherited Ink Inc. upon his mother's death. At some point, he married Doretta Knight, and they had a daughter, Cleo, who inherited her grandmother's scientific skills. Ignatius and Doretta tended to give Cleo whatever she wanted, and they would give her all the best things. However, they disapproved greatly of her romantic interest in Jake Hix due to his lower class status and forbid them from seeing each other. 

Ink Inc.

When Ignatius inherited Ink Inc. from his mother, he didn't run it as well as she did; he was more of a tycoon than a scientist, and when the inkwells started to dry up, he ordered the draining of the sea so that they could harvest the last of the ink from the octopi. While many people protested, Ignatius thought this would save the company and put his plan in action; it turned out to be very expensive, and disrupted the local marine life, ruining several jobs, flooding the local Killdeer Fields and crashing the economy of Stain'd-by-the-Sea. 

Cleo hoped to make a formula for Invisible Ink that could save the company. While Ignatius and his wife were supportive, eventually Dr. Flammarion began drugging them with laudanum in order to leave them in a state of delirium an convince them to leave town. 

When Did You See Her Last?

Ignatius is still under the effects of laudanum when Cleo disappears. S. Theodora Markson and Lemony Snicket arrive to investigate, and Ignatius barely understands what is going on. Flammarion shoos them away before injecting the couple with more laudanum. 

After Theodora and Snicket depart, Ignatius and his wife leave town with their servants, Zada and Zora. They later receive news that Cleo is safe. 


Ingrid Knight
Ignatius Knight
Doretta Knight
Cleo Knight



  • Both he and his mother, Ingrid, have I.N.K. as their initials: Ignatius Nettle Knight, Ingrid Nummet Knight. The naming trend didn't pass down to Cleo.
  • He is described as wearing all black and sitting in a white chair in his one appearance; the Knight family is said to only dress in black or white to honor the family business.[1]