The In Auction is an organized event that was held in Veblen Hall in The City. There, only items that are in (in style or trendy, in other words) are auctioned off to the highest bidder. Esmé Squalor was in charge of it along with Gunther, who was really Count Olaf in disguise. The Quagmire triplets were hidden in an item that was sold in lot 48 and were smuggled out shortly after the auction concluded. According to Esmé, the profits from the events go to a "good cause"; herself. Over the course of The Ersatz Elevator, the former and Gunther planned out the auction together while Jerome and the Baudelaire children went out to eat at Café Salmonella and takes place at the climax of the installment.


  • Lot 1: Count Olaf wanted poster and a pack of gum (TV Series only)[1] 
  • Lot 14: An enormous globe
  • Lot 25: A rare piano
  • Lot 46: Vase with blue flowers
  • Lot 47: Chocolate ballet slippers
  • Lot 48 (presumably 47 in TV series): A giant red herring statue in which Duncan Quagmire and Isadora Quagmire were held
  • Lot 48: A vase adorned with flowery things (in TV series)
  • Lot 49: A valuable postage stamp
  • Lot 50 (49 in TV Series): Very Fancy Doilies
  • Unknown Number: A stuffed Mamba du Mal[2]
  • Unknown Number: Wooden spoon with googly eyes

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