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Ingrid Nummet Knight is the mother of Ignatius Nettle Knight and grandmother of Cleo Knight. She founded Ink Inc. with business partner Colonel Colophon. She was a scientist and experimented with "many different inks from many different creatures". She died "some time" before the events of All the Wrong Questions and left the company to her son.[1] 


When Did You See Her Last?

Ingrid was described as a genius. After years of experimenting on different inks from different creatures, she founded Ink Inc. with her business partner, Colonel Colophon. Her company fetched ink from the octopi, which was famously dark and made her and her family very rich. 

At some point, she had a son, Ignatius. After Colophon was injured in an explosion, Ingrid left the company to her son when she died. 

Her granddaughter, Cleo, presumably inherited her scientific skills from her. 


  • Her first name may be a reference to noir actress Ingrid Bergman.
    • Her middle name, "Nummet", is a word that means "a light meal, esp. one taken in the middle of the day."[2]
    • Her initials spell out INK.


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