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The following article or section concerns information that is considered canonical to the Netflix series, but it is unknown as to where it stands in the books' canon. It may also contain information contradictory to the books. Be very cautious when using this information as a source, or you may end up reporting for The Daily Punctilio, or on the lam. Whichever you consider worse.

Ishmael is a taxi driver for Lake Lachrymose who takes the Baudelaire children to their Aunt Josephine Anwhistle's House and a minor character in The Wide Window.


Early Life

He attended Prufrock Preparatory School in his youth. Some time after he attended Prufrock, he got a job as a taxi driver in Lake Lachrymose.

He first appears in The Wide Window: Part One, when the Baudelaire children, need a ride, he takes them to their new guardian Josephine Anwhistle who lives on the edge of a cliff as they talk about the upcoming hurricane and Herman Melville.

He later appeared in The Penultimate Peril: Part Two, when he attends the trial of the Baudelaires and Count Olaf, where he first is seen sitting next to Vice Principal Nero where he says he attended Prufrock Preparatory School, and they discuss that the principal has disappeared (the principal was actually Ishmael). He later mentions they are fans of Herman Melville. During the fire, he is seen behind Man With a Beard But No Hair and the Woman with Hair but No Beard blindfolded. It is unknown if he survived the Hotel Denouement Fire.


  • His name Ishmael is a foreshadowing of the character of Ishmael who appears in The End.
  • He isn't named in the books.