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Jacob Snicket is the husband of E. Snicket and the father of Lemony, Kit and Jacques Snicket, and the grandfather of Beatrice Baudelaire II.



Little is known about Jacob Snicket's past. At some point, he married E. Snicket- considering how her father was referred to as Chas. Snicket, it is likely that Jacob took his wife's surname after they were married.[2] Their firstborn children- Jacques and Kit Snicket- were born on a January 12th.[3]

He and E. went to Valorous Farms Dairy to buy garlic butter at the wrong time, resulting in their youngest child, Lemony, being born on the farm. He and E. became friends with the cheesemakers who worked there. 

The Snickets were a wealthy family, and they lived in a mansion near the cheesemakers' farm, though Lemony notes that his parents would have "never indulged" in unnecessary and expensive items.

Lemony likens the "mournful melody" of a pipe organ sonata played in the Cathedral of the Alleged Virgin to a soothing tune Jacob used to sing while dishwashing.[4] He also played bridge, and had a long-time partner who was noted as the only person to call him "Jake."[2] 

Jacob is described as having worried when Jacques, Kit, and Lemony were abducted by VFD to be initiated as neophytes; he was supposedly chopping wood at the time of their kidnapping.[2]

Lemony remembers the Snicket family unwisely going on a hike on a windy day, resulting in the children almost getting hit by a falling branch, saved last-minute by their mother.

Everything Jacob gives his youngest son, Lemony, was left at a train station when he was transferred to Stain'd-by-the-Sea.[5]

It is probable that Jacob and E. rarely, if ever, saw their children following their recruitment, as Gifford and Ghede thought that they could pretend to be Lemony's parents in order to capture him.[6]


Olivia Caliban mentions that before seeking to steal the Baudelaire and Quagmire fortunes, Count Olaf sought to steal the Snicket fortune[7]; and in The Hostile Hospital, reference is made to the "Snicket fires". Since both the Baudelaire and Quagmire[8] parents were killed in fires in their respective mansions, Jacob and his wife may have died in a parallel fire to Snicket mansion.

He likely perished before The Hero of the Story, in which Snicket states he has no parents. In any case, he died before The End, as Kit mentions her parents as people she has lost and cannot go on without. 


  • He is one of the multiple characters with the initials J.S.
  • The name "Jacob" comes from the Hebrew name יַעֲקֹב (Ya'aqov), which means "supplanter" or, ironically, "holder of the heel;" the Biblical Jacob was named as such due to him holding his twin brother Esau's heel during birth.[9] The latter meaning may be referenced in the VFD method of recruitment.


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