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Jacqueline Robbins is an actress who, along with her twin sister Joyce, portrays the White-Faced Women in the Netflix adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events.



Year Title Role Notes
1976 Buffalo Bill and the Indians, or Sitting Bull's History Lesson Uncredited
1989 The Ranch Twin
1990 The Reflecting Skin Twin
1994 How the West Was Fun Twin #1
2000 High Noon Jane
2000 Cold Blooded Landlord
2000 Burning Heart Cabaret Woman
2003 Crisis Line Jackie
2004 Mindbenders Lucretia
2005 The Magic of Ordinary Days Mrs. Pratt
2006 The Wicker Man Blind Twin #1
2008 7 Things to Do Before I'm 30 Ms. Baumgarten #2
2008 A Season to Wither Elizabeth Short
2008 Amber Alert: Terror on the Highway Margaret
2009 Chloe and Attie Attie Short
2010 Goblin Old Woman #1
2011 Seed Money Elyse Short
2013 Concrete Blondes Mrs. Norton 2
2014 Bedbugs: A Musical Love Story Enid
2014 Anxious Oswald Greene Nicolina Short
2014 Jingle All the Way 2 Laraine
2014 Mina.Minerva Mina Short
2015 The Twisted Slipper Fawning Lady 1 Short
2015 The Starlight Heist Dancing Twin Franny Short
2015 The Blackburn Asylum Ivy
2015 Even Lambs Have Teeth Marge
2015 Payment Hertha Parker One Episode
2015 FSM Déjà Vu - Faye
2015 Hipster Horror House Cafe Manager
2015 Dr. Barlow Amelia Barlow Short
2016 Grocery Store Action Movie Annoyed Shopper Short
2016 Counter Act Short
2017 Unforgotten Old Gossiper
2017 Of Tides/To Distill Short
2017 The Christmas Calendar Edna
2018 Small Fish Old Lady Short
2018 A Typical Fairytale Extra Short


2018 Queen Jane and the Wizard Sweetie Short
2018 Road to Christmas Woman in Hat
2018 20 Minutes to Life Verna Short
2018 Jingle Around the Clock Woman in Hat
2019 Hatch General Background Short
2019 The Long Haul Gladys Short
Andie the Great Miss Tremblay
2019 Lattine di Perfezione Emma Short


Year Title Role Notes
1997 Incredible Story Studio Ms. Connors One Episode
2012 Psych Birdie Turkle One Episode
2014 Signed, Sealed Delivered Follies Twin #1 One Episode
2014 Some Assembly Required Ellen One episode
2014 Witches of East End Old Beggar Woman One Episode
2016 Ice Elderly Woman One Episode
2017 Android Employed The Twins - Intro Sequence
2018 Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Head Witch One Episode
2017-2019 A Series of Unfortunate Events White Faced Woman #1
2019 Charmed Rita One Episode


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