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I do not know when I will see you again. Someday, perhaps, the world will indeed be quiet once more, but until the fires have been extinguished we must go our separate ways and risk our separate lives.

Jacques Snicket was the older brother of Lemony Snicket, twin of Kit Snicket, and known V.F.D. Volunteer.


Early Life

My brother insists that he was allowed to finish his tea before his departure but this has been disputed over the years.

As a young child, Jacques Snicket was recruited into VFD when his brother, Lemony, was just an infant, on February 26.[1] His sister, Kit, was also recruited at this time. The siblings were drinking tea before their recruitment, and Jacques insisted that he was allowed to finish his cup, though Lemony does not believe this.[3]

Jacques and Lemony would play a game called Beethoven where they would pretend they could not hear each other well when they were talking. Kit refused to play because she thought it was inane.[4]

Lemony recalled, at one point, one time the Snicket family took a hike on a windy day, and their mother saved them from a falling branch. As Jacques and his siblings stood gaping, their mother told them that "We Snickets take care of our own."[5]

When Lemony was eight, the VFD apprentices went camping in the woods, where Jacques "learned how quickly wasps can get angry."[5]

While he does not appear in the book series All the Wrong Questions, he is briefly mentioned by Lemony in a phone call to Kit, and he was given an official profile for promotional material, which described him as a surveillor who was "wondering if it's the right time to step in." Jacques's first assignment involved him wearing a disguise and began on March 18.[1]

At some point, Jacques became friends with Jerome, who believed him to be a detective. Jacques begged Jerome to buy the penthouse in 667 Dark Avenue and never sell it.[3]

The Unauthorized Autobiography

Your review of Funcoot's play has changed everything. O is more dastardly than we ever could have imagined, and it will no longer be possible for you to communicate with us through The Daily Punctilio.

Jacques is presumed to be one of the people labeled J in the transcription of a VFD meeting, and possibly interrupted R while she was describing VFD recruitment, claiming that they received permission before taking children. Another letter is addressed to a J in the book, describing a possible recruit and including attached photos, having been taken in secret.

When Lemony is framed for arson by Count Olaf, Jacques, who is currently underwater, sends his brother a disguise kit and a letter telling him how to flee and go into hiding. He tells him not to write to D, telephone K, or communicate with B at all. He also tells him that he hopes they will be able to see each other again someday.

Jacques investigating Lucky Smells Lumbermill.

Jacques went to investigate the death of Georgina Orwell or Foreman Firstein in Paltryville, although he arrived at the lumbermill after the Baudelaires left. Though he announced it a murder with Olaf at fault, this was later redacted, and three detectives- Detective Smith, Detective Jones and Detective Smithjones- claimed her death was accidental.

Jacques later receives a wedding initiation from his friend Jerome, and is horrified to find that he is marrying Esmé, a member of the fire-starting side of the schism. He sends him a letter, telling him not to get married and confessing to being a part of a secret organization, but Jerome never receives the note.

Unknown Points in Time

Jacques worked briefly for The Daily Punctilio, for whom he wrote an article proving that the Royal Gardens Fire was arson.

At some point, he and Lemony stayed at Caligari Carnival.

At one point, he worked for Captain Widdershins on the Queequeg, and for Anwhistle Aquatics's Voluntary Fish Domestication program. When Café Salmonella began using these fish in their dishes, he and his siblings participated in a fight against the restaurant, known as the Snicket Snickersnee, but to no avail.[6] After the destruction of Anwhistle Aquatics, Jacques wrote another article for The Daily Punctilio, entitled "Verifying Fernald's Defection," which claimed Fernald was responsible for the fire.

At some point, Jacques disguised himself as a cow. Nine other cows were arrested for suspected VFD involvement, but Jacques escaped on a stolen tractor.[1]

He visited Olivia Caliban at Caligari Carnival to ask if Lemony was alive.[7]

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Before The Vile Village

He was looking for you. He showed me a picture of all three of you, waiting at the dock on some lake, and asked me if I'd seen you anywhere. He knew that you'd been placed in Count Olaf's care, and all the terrible things that had happened there. He knew that you had gone to live with Dr. Montgomery. He even knew about some of the inventions you made, Violet, and the research you did, Klaus, and some of Sunny's tooth-related exploits. He wanted to find you before it was too late.

Jacques attempted to track the Baudelaire orphans and stopped at the presumably abandoned home of Dr. Montgomery Montgomery, where he found Quigley Quagmire, who had escaped from his house being set on fire into a tunnel that led to the home. Jacques was overjoyed at finding the triplet alive and told him that he'd known his parents and that he was at Montgomery's house to find an important file hidden on the premises. He also explained to Quigley that the Quagmire parents and he were a part of VFD, which had gone through a schism, though he wouldn't explain very much else to him.

Jacques asked Quigley if he had seen the Baudelaires, showing him a picture that someone had taken of them at Damocles Dock, explaining that he had to find them "before it was too late." He stayed at the house for a long time, reading and copying information into his commonplace book, sometimes disappearing for hours at a time. He left to interview someone in the town of Paltryville, but never returned for Quigley.

The Vile Village

But I'm innocent! Please listen to me, I beg of you! I'm not Count Olaf! My name is Jacques! Oh, Baudelaires, I am so relieved to see that you are alive. Your parents-
— Jacques Snicket's last words, The Vile Village

"Olaf" (Jacques) captured at the stake.

Jacques went to the Village of Fowl Devotees, likely to find the Baudelaires and Quagmires. Jacques was mistaken for Count Olaf by various citizens due to having a unibrow and a tattoo of an eye on his ankle. He is captured at the stake but is temporarily freed to be given a trial.

In the Town Hall, although he claims he only had the tattoo as part of his job and insists he is not Count Olaf, the townspeople and Council of Elders do not believe him. He is accused by Officer Luciana (Esmé Squalor) and Detective Dupin (the real Count Olaf) because he is an enemy of theirs. The Baudelaires are the only ones that can completely recognize Count Olaf and realize he is not Count Olaf. Frightened, Jacques tried to tell the Baudelaire orphans the true meaning of V.F.D., saying, "I'm not a villain! I work for the volunteer—" but is interrupted. He is not allowed to defend himself because Rule 920 (no one may speak on the platform) and he is dragged out by Officer Luciana.

​​​​​The villagers then decided to burn him at the stake, deeming him as an evil villain. Until they are ready, they move Jacques to a prison cell for the night. The Baudelaires discover that anyone burned at the stake can have a final speech, and they decide to use mob mentality to give Jacques another chance and prove his innocence.

The next day, however, the Baudelaires find a crowd gathered around his body outside the jail. It turns out they were too late as he has been mysteriously murdered by the real Count Olaf as Detective Dupin, who blamed and framed the Baudelaires for the murder.

Netflix Series Divergent Canon

When meeting a volunteer in the field, you may determine their allegiance with the use of a code phrase: "The world is quiet here." This might sound to you like a curious statement, like the motto of a secret organization, or something a stranger might say when he picks you up in his taxi and invites you to use your talents for the benefit of the world. There'll be losses along the way. We may never triumph, not completely. We may be defeated, at least for a time. But we will never disappear. Not so long as there are noble, well-read people to take up the torch.
— Jacques Snicket, "The Carnivorous Carnival: Part Two"

Jacques appears much more frequently in the Netflix adaptation. He presumably went to Prufrock Preparatory School with the other Volunteers, and is noted to have driven the taxi when Lemony escaped the opera night in The Penultimate Peril: Part Two. He seems to be a taxi driver and recruiter for the organization. He also meets with Lemony at some point after the Opera at a Masquerade party in VFD Headquarters.

Larry Your-Waiter rescued by Jacques Snicket.

In The Austere Academy: Part Two, at the request from Jacquelyn Scieszka, he arrives at Prufrock to rescue Larry Your-Waiter from the freezer he was thrown into. Upon being confronted by Carmelita, he informs her that he works for an organization that keeps an eye on "children of interest" and insults her before leaving with Larry and calling Jacquelyn to inform her of the situation.

In The Ersatz Elevator episodes, Jacquelyn calls him to recruit Olivia Caliban into VFD after observing her with The Incomplete History of Secret Organizations. Jacques manages to earn her trust and the two of them head to 667 Dark Avenue to search for the kidnapped Quagmire triplets. They fail to find them in the building, but find out about the In Auction and storm in to try to rescue the triplets, only to be caught by the henchpeople and then lost in the crowd. They leave town to follow the Baudelaires and Count Olaf.

Jacques Snicket giving Olivia Caliban a farewell kiss.

In The Vile Village, Jacques and Olivia follow Olaf's troupe to the Village of Fowl Devotees, where they successfully capture Olaf, but Jacques unsuccessfully tries to convince him to rejoin the Volunteers. They are then captured by Esmé Squalor, who is posing as police officer Luciana, and they disguise Jacques as Olaf to place on trial. He manages to contact the Baudelaires and tell them about his tattoo being initials instead of an eye, and then requests they break him out of jail. Olivia trades their freedom for the location of the Sugar Bowl, and Jacques kisses her before letting her escape in the taxi, while he confronts Olaf.

Jacques Snicket's body being carried away.

Jacques offers once again to help Olaf join the Volunteer side, but Esmé knocks him down with a book and Olaf kills him with a crowbar. The next day, the Baudelaires witness his body being carried away. The Baudelaires are then framed for his murder.

Later, recordings of him are seen in The Hostile Hospital and The Carnivorous Carnival. In the former, the Snicket File is now a video Jacques recorded discussing Count Olaf, arson, and a possible survivor of the fire. In the latter, he is seen in Olivia's videos from VFD, one of which discussing the code "The world is quiet here," the other talking about how there will always be noble people to take up the torch. He is portrayed by Nathan Fillion.


  • He is one of the multiple characters with the initials J.S.
  • When Kit learns of her brother's death, she mentions she is saddened, but not shocked because deaths occur frequently within V.F.D.
  • Jacques is portrayed as being nobler than Lemony Snicket.
  • Jacques makes an appearance or presence in every Season 2 episode but makes no further appearance in Season 3. Even after his death, the following episodes all show recordings of him, his body appears in one episode, and he is also mentioned frequently later on.
  • His death could have happened, according to the Calendar, anywhere between June 26-November 7. The calendar says that on June 26, "Jacques Snicket arrives in Paltryville to continue the Baudelaire investigation." He is not reported deceased until November 7. As it is unknown how long he was investigating in Paltryville before being caught, his date could have happened on any day inbetween.



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