Well, lookee here. A small child. As an upstanding, book-reading, still-living citizen, I sure love children. I love 'em so darn much. It's frankly kind of disturbing how much I love children. Which is why I am not going to let you out of my sight.

Jacques Snicket is a disguise used by Count Olaf when meeting Mr. Poe in the restaurant and when seeing Babs and Jerome Squalor in the sauna. He has a mustache drawn on his face and is wearing a stolen white tuxedo which gets splashed with curry sauce when Olaf and Ernest Denouement kill Larry.

TV Series

The Penultimate Peril: Part One

Count Olaf disguises himself as Jacques Snicket in an attempt to learn the identity of J.S. and steal information from Arthur Poe before it can be brought to trial. He becomes suspicious of Sunny Baudelaire, disguised as a concierge, and  threatens her with a knife. She slips away, and follows her into the kitchen, where he runs into Larry Your-Waiter. When Ernest Denouement arrives, the two of them boil Larry in curry, which splashes onto his suit. He later goes into the sauna with Babs and Jerome Squalor, claiming the curry is blood. 



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