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Justice Strauss's House is the home of Justice Strauss, located in The City.


Justice Strauss's home is located nearby to Count Olaf's house; in the book series, it seems to be next door,[1] while in adaptations it tends to be situated across the street.[2][3]

It is described as the prettiest house on the block. It is made of brick and kept clean, with wide and open windows with plants placed in the view. The doorknob is described as shiny brass. The inside of the home is described as elegant and smelling of flowers.

Justice Strauss also has a garden in the backyard of her home, where she spends quite a bit of time.[1]


Main article: Justice Strauss's Library

The private library is an enormous room, almost completely filled with books; shelves of them take up all the walls, and several separate shelves cover the middle of the area. The only place without books is a corner with large, comfortable-looking chairs and a wooden table with lamps hanging over them, as a reading area. It is very cozy and lovely.

The library contains books that Justice Strauss has collected throughout the years, and it is something she is quite proud of and keeps very organized.[1]