You may spend the rest of your life believing that the Baudelaires triumphed over Count Olaf and lived the rest of their lives in the house and library of Justice Strauss, but that is not how the story goes.

Justice Strauss's library, located in her house in The City, is a collection of books covering topics from recipes to "the world's most threatening fungus".


The private library is an enormous baroque-styled room that is almost completely filled with shelves of neatly organized books that Justice Strauss has collected over the years. In addition, the library contains a reading area that consists of a corner with large, comfortable chairs and a wooden table with eloquent lamps hanging over them. It is described as being cozy and lovely.


The library was visited by Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire thrice; first to find a recipe for Pasta Puttanesca, second to borrow some books on topics that they found fascinating, and third to research laws that cover inheritance to discover Count Olaf's first scheme and assist Justice Strauss with tending to her garden.[1]

Known Books

Note: This includes information that is from both the books (canon) and the 2017-2019 Netflix Adaptation (which has its own canon). They will be referenced accordingly.

While Justice Strauss has multiple books, primarily those that cover subject matter involving the legal system, only a few are noted:[1]


  • In the video game adaptation, the library contains a collection of books that parody the titles of A Series of Unfortunate Events, most of which are optimistic and attractive. These include The Glorious Garden, The Splendid Stegosaurus, The Pleasant Painting, The Talented Tourist, The Amazing Athlete and The Majestic Moon[4]






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