"Keep Chasing Your Schemes" is a song which was performed by Count Olaf, disguised as Gunther, at the end of The Ersatz Elevator: Part One. This song was performed at Herring Houdini.


People always ask me, "Gunther,
Why are you such a big handsome success
What's the secret of your looks and brains and accent, please?"
But I just wink and tell them "Can't you guess?"
Keep chasing your schemes
Keep chasing your schemes
Your future's, what's the word for so very far away
Getting closer month by week I mean, day
You'll be in charge of all the new regimes
If you keep chasing your schemes
The world is hunting you down like a criminal
But now your chances of failure are minimal
No one's going to hand you a fortune on a plate
You've got to open wide
Put your mouth around the bait
You got to keep chasing your schemes
Keep chasing your schemes
A journey begins with one single step
To get to the end you got to schlep, schlep, schlep
Your goals are like a sapphire, watch it as it gleams
You gotta keep chasing your schemes
Let's hear it for the band!
Yes, keep chasing your schemes
I don't mean maybe
Keep chasing your schemes
You ugly baby
Ratchet down the hack of life to very dark extremes
You gotta (ow...)
Keep chasing your schemes
You gotta just keep chasing your schemes
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