I don't like to be teased either. But wherever I go, I hear people whispering, 'there goes Kevin, the ambidextrous freak.' So you've heard of me. Is that why you traveled out here to the hinterlands, so you could stare at somebody who can write his name with either his left hand or his right?
— Kevin, The Carnivorous Carnival

Kevin is a minor character from the series, first appearing in Book the Ninth: The Carnivorous Carnival.

He is a member of the House of Freaks at Caligari Carnival with Hugo and Colette. Kevin is ambidextrous, but views his ability as a "freakish" disadvantage rather than an asset. Violet Baudelaire tries to persuade him it's a wonderful ability and a lot of people are ambidextrous, mentioning there are ambidextrous florists and air-traffic controllers. However, Kevin remains unconvinced, saying ambidextrous people are probably considered freakish wherever they go. He envies the hook-handed man, feeling having no hands is better than having two equally strong hands. Kevin also has two equally strong feet.

At the book's conclusion, he is offered better employment as one of Count Olaf's henchmen, and appears in Books the Tenth through Twelfth to help further Olaf's various schemes. He does not know much about V.F.D.


The Carnivorous Carnival

Kevin is working as a carnival freak at the Caligari Carnival. He thinks being ambidextrous is worse than being two headed or anything else.

Esmé Squalor gives him a gift to persuade him into joining Olaf's troupe: a rope that would allow him to tie one hand behind his back so that he can have a dominant hand like regular people.

During the lion show, one man in the audience hopes Kevin will be the chosen freak to be devoured by lions, saying it will be fun to see him try to defend himself with both hands and feet.

By the end of the book, Esmé succeeds in recruiting him and the other freaks into Olaf's troupe.

The Slippery Slope

In The Slippery Slope, Kevin is at the Mortmain Mountains with the rest of the troupe.

The Penultimate Peril

In The Penultimate Peril, Kevin is hiding in the Hotel Denouement. He is disguised as a washerwoman with a long blonde wig. Kevin, Colette and Hugo eventually reveal their identities to the Baudelaires.

When Dewey Denouement is killed, Kevin and Colette agree with Count Olaf that the Baudelaires are too treacherous to move around the hotel freely.

During the trial of the Baudelaires and Count Olaf, he submits some books with both his left and right hands.

When the Hotel Denouement Fire is started, Hugo, Colette, and Kevin were last seen on one of the floors holding the bird paper that Klaus hung on the outside of the sauna. Kevin was wondering if he should hold the bird paper in his left hand or his right hand. It is unknown if Kevin makes it out of the hotel when it is on fire or if he dies.

TV Series Divergent Canon

Kevin's role is mainly the same in the TV series, although it is substantially cut. In The Slippery Slope: Part One, he, along with Colette and Hugo, are implied to be killed by the Man with a Beard but No Hair and the Woman with Hair but No Beard. However, it's also possible they were frightened and ran away, and had happier lives.

Behind the scenes

He is portrayed by Robbie Amell in the TV series.


  • Kevin seems to have been aged down in the TV series compared to the book. In the book, it is mentioned he has a very wrinkled face.
  • He may be Kevin Old from File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents. He is a boy seen holding two planks of wood in each hand, implying he may be ambidextrous. He is also a criminal.
  • In the TV series, it isn't the first time Kevin's actor Robbie Amell and Violet's actress Malina Weissman have been on screen together. They were also in the 2016 movie Nine Lives.




TV series

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