Bob Old: Tell the police. Tell them what you've heard about the Big Bad Brick Gang.
Kevin Old: Not much. Just that they're an anonymous group of vandals and other malcontents. Vandals are people who destroy property, and malcontents are people who are angry enough to do such things.
File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents

Kevin Old is a boy living in Stain'd-by-the-Sea. He appears in File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents, in the fifth incident, "Bad Gang." 


He's always going on about fencing and swashbuckling and all the other nonsense he gets from pirate books.

Early Life

Kevin lived in Stain'd-by-the-Sea with his father, Bob Old, who owned a store selling boards, appropriately named Boards. Kevin was very interested in pirate books and forms of swordfighing, though his father discouraged this interest, thinking it foolish. 

In an effort to get a sword, Kevin formed the Big Bad Brick Gang with Florence Smith, who needed wood to build a bookshelf; the two of them also shared pirate books. They began by breaking the window at Boards in the middle of the night and stealing wood. When Bob and Kevin heard the crash, Kevin "guessed" it was the Big Bad Brick Gang who was responsible. 

File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents

Bad Gang/Homemade Furniture

Kevin's father calls the police follow

Kevin with his father and Lemony Snicket

ing the vandalization of Boards. When Harvey and Mimi Mitchum do nothing but argue, and when Lemony Snicket starts asking questions, Bob calls Kevin over to explain. Kevin says that he'd heard of the vandals- the "Big Bad Brick Gang"- before, and that they were an anonymous group of vandals and other malcontents. He had been asking his father to let him get a weapon, like a sword, to defend the store.

The next night, the Big Bad Brick Gang strikes at Swords, stealing a sword for Kevin. The night after that, they throw a brick through he window of Florence's mother's store, Chrysanthemums, to throw people off the trail. Lemony Snicket figures out that the two of them are the vandals, and while he says that he hopes they will "work together to repair the windows and explain their behavior," he does not turn Kevin or Florence over to the police. 


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    A popular speculation is that this Kevin is the same Kevin from A Series of Unfortunate Events, as they share a name and Kevin Old is described and pictured as carrying boards in both hands, meaning he may be ambidextrous. This theory has not been confirmed or refuted. 


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