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Excuse me. I've just spilled tea all over, as you can see. Would you watch my baby while I run back to the tea shop and get some paper napkins or a towel? I'll only be a minute.
— The Woman, The Hero of the Story

The Kidnapper is a minor character who appears in The Hero of the Story.


The Hero of the Story

The woman kidnapped the Emperor of Cramiton, who was an infant at the time. She also obtained another child, though it is unknown if the infant was hers or another kidnapped baby.

To throw the police off her trail, the woman dressed the other child in the Emperor's clothes and gave them to a young boy in the park, Lemony Snicket, claiming she would return quickly and needed someone to watch her child, before leaving with the Emperor in her baby carriage. However, she never returned.

A few days later, she was caught by police and arrested. During her arrest, she never mentioned the other child. It is unknown if she did so due to a selfish forgetting of the child, or if she knew the child was in better hands and didn't want the police interfering.