I'm dressed as a pregnant woman because I am a pregnant woman.

Count Olaf disguises himself as Kit Snicket in order to sneak onto The Island.

The End

Count Olaf disguises himself as Kit Snicket in an attempt to sneak onto the island; he claims to be very pregnant (though he asks for alcohol), having been looking for the Baudelaires, and at one point claims to be Olaf's girlfriend.

Friday instantly sees through his disguise, and Olaf is thrown into a large cage by the islanders.

Ishmael later hits the helmet used to feign a pregnant stomach, which then releases the Medusoid Mycelium on to the island.

Physical Appearance

This disguise uses the helmet containing the Medusoid Mycelium helmet as his false baby, uses seaweed as long hair and Esme's fire dress as his dress (it washed up on to the Island).

In the TV series, he has seaweed as his hair, puts the Meducoid Mycelium diving helmet as his 'baby' and a fishing net and rags to make his clothes look more like a dress.


  • This is the only Count Olaf disguise that fails to fool anyone.
  • This is the second 'Snicket' Olaf disguises himself in the TV series, the first being Jacques Snicket.




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