Knives appear in many Lemony Snicket's books. They can be used for a variety of purposes, such as slicing bread or stabbing people to death, although the latter is often illegal and frowned down upon in many societies.


In "The Bad Beginning: Part One"', Justice Strauss says she forgot to buy a bread knife.


Stephano wielding a knife.

In The Reptile Room, Stephano has a knife and uses it to threaten the Baudelaires, even warning he will cut off one of Sunny Baudelaire's toes. In the book, he rubs it against Violet Baudelaire's knee under the table during dinner.

In The Miserable Mill, in the book, Dr. Georgina Orwell uses a sword to attack Sunny, although it is not technically a knife.

In The Hostile Hospital, Klaus Baudelaire is pressured to use a knife to cut off Violet's head. He also gives a lecture explaining knives, the history of knives, and types of knives.


The carnival freaks cutting rope.

In the book The Carnivorous Carnival, Kevin uses a knife to cut the rope connecting the caravan to Count Olaf's car. In the TV series, Hugo and Colette do as well.

In The Slippery Slope, the Baudelaires take a bread knife from the caravan. They also mention it in The Grim Grotto.

In The Grim Grotto, they find a paring knife in the grotto.

In When Did You See Her Last?, Nurse Dander hurts Moxie Mallahan's arm with a knife.

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