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The Knight Family are a wealthy family from Stain'd-by-the-Sea.


The family is known to wear only black and white, to honor the family business and the paper that the ink is written on. Cleo only broke this rule as part of her disguise plan, with a raspberry beret. Ingrid and Ignatius also both have names with initials that spell out INK.

Ingrid Knight was a brilliant chemist who founded Ink Inc. with Colonel Colophon by collecting ink from the octopi. After her death, the company was left to her son, Ignatius Knight, whose business decisions caused the town an economic collapse. Cleo Knight, who inherited her grandmother's genius, is working on a way to make invisible ink to rebuild the company and town.

Despite both of her parents being "present" in her life, it seems that Cleo was mainly raised by their twin servants Zada and Zora, who mentioned bringing her home from the hospital.[1]

Family Tree

Ingrid Knight
Ignatius Knight
Doretta Knight
Cleo Knight

Ingrid does not have any known partners/spouses. Doretta's maiden name is unknown.


  • Their surname and color scheme may refer to the knight on a chessboard.
    • In the game of Chess, a knight moves to any of the closest squares that are not on the same rank, file, or diagonal. (Thus the move forms an "L"-shape: two squares vertically and one square horizontally, or two squares horizontally and one square vertically.) The knight is the only piece that can leap over other pieces.