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Lake Lachrymose is an enormous lake that is the setting of The Wide Window. Its name can also refer to the small little coastal village located next to this dangerous body of water.


The titular lake and surrounding area was discovered by and named after explorer Ivan Lachrymose.[1]

The lake itself is enormous, large enough to attract hurricanes to the area. It is noted to be very difficult to sail in during storms. However, during calm days, it is described as quite pretty.

The lake is notorious for its population of predatory Lachrymose Leeches, known to attack anyone who smells of food, causing a restriction to be imposed around the city forbidding swimming less than an hour after eating.

There are several locations in and around the lake, including:[2]

Captain Widdershins mentions that he patrolled Lake Lachrymose for years in his submarine, the Queequeg, implying that it is an open lake, which means it drains into a river that leads to the ocean.[3]

The Fickle Ferry takes passengers to Damocles Dock, which is at the edge of the small town.[2]


Lachrymose (town)


  • Lachrymose means "tear-inducing". This could be a reference to Josephine's sadness and weeping due to the loss of her husband when he swam in the lake without waiting an hour after eating.
    • Furthermore, the Baudelaire children experienced additional grief when Josephine herself suffered the same fate Ike did through their own eyes.
    • When the word "lachrymose" comes to mind in that sense, it can create imagery of a lake being filled with tears.




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