The Land of Districts is the area, presumably a country, within which the world of All the Wrong Questions and A Series of Unfortunate Events takes place.[1]


The Land of Districts is a large area encompassing the world explored by the Baudelaire orphans, as well as, presumably, Stain'd-by-the-Sea and nearby towns.

It is heavily involved with V.F.D., as several landmarks are shaped similarly to the logo, and many places are named with its initials.[1]

On an official photo given of Hotel Denouement stationary, the number listed below the logo is 800-632-1709, which is the phone number for a San Francisco traveling and hotel booking agency, implying that the city may be- or may be near- San Francisco, California.[2] In the film, it is claimed that the city is Boston, Massachusetts, seen on the letter in the ending. Some promotional material suggests the City is called "Coastal Park Town" and is in America.[3] This all, collectively, seems to imply that the Land of Districts is a stand-in for the Snicket Universe's version of America.





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