Laura V. Bleediotie is an anagram of Violet Baudelaire. Count Olaf gave Violet this name to hide her from Klaus and Sunny so he could perform the surgery without them finding her.

The surname, Bleediotie, sounds phonetically like the phrase "bleedie outie", a bastardised form of the phrase "bleeding out", which is what would have happened had the surgery succeeded.

The Hostile Hospital

In an effort to capture Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire and kill Violet, Count Olaf disguised the kidnapped Violet as Laura V. Bleediotie and hid her in a hospital room, drugged into unconsciousness. He attempted to give her a cranioectomy, and force Klaus (in disguise) to remove her head. 

The disguise was revealed when Klaus and Sunny were revealed and Violet awoke.




TV Series

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