Hello Volunteer!

Not sure where to start? If you are new to wikis, check out the tutorial. Below are some jobs that you may feel free to do at any time. When editing on the Wiki, please be sure to adhere to the Lemony Snicket Wiki Standards.

Article Writing

  • Where? Every article.
  • How? You can add to any article you please, so long as it is not a redundant addition or vandalism of any sort. Please check the Articles in need of major cleanup page for any articles that do not meet Lemony Snicket Wiki standards. For example this could be incorrect use of grammar and spelling. These pages may also need fact citations and sources. See further down this page for more information on fact checking.

Check the Stubs for any articles that could use some additional information.

Checking Candidates for Deletion and Merging

  • Where? Proposed deletions.
  • How? Write a response on the talk page of any article pending deletion regarding your opinion on whether or not it should be deleted and why. Write a response on the talk page of any article being considered for merging regarding whether you think the information should be moved to a more general article.

Creating a New Article

  • How? To create a new article, go here. Check the Wanted Pages for articles that need to be created. If you decide to create a new article, please be sure that there is not already an article about that topic. Remember that this is a comprehensive encyclopedia; even is something is only given brief mention, it still deserves its own (likely quite short) article. If your article does not follow these guidelines, though, or is vandalism, it will be deleted.

Fact Checking

{{r|Name of story}}
  • For more information, see Template:R.
  • At the end of the article, create a Sources heading and add the following code under it, in normal text, to automatically create a Sources List:
== Sources ==

Spell Checking / Grammar Fixing

  • Where? Anywhere you see atrocious grammar and/or spelling. Please see Articles in need of major cleanup, as they are often spelling and grammar violators.
  • How? Manually fixing these articles using the edit button works just fine!

Vandalism Combating

  • Where? Wherever you see vandalism of any sort.
  • How? If the vandalism is on a pre-existing article, you can either fix the article manually by editing it and removing the content in question or by using the undo feature under the article's history. If the vandalism exists on its own page, you can contact an admin about its removal. If ever you see another user contributing to vandalism, anonymous or not, report this user to an admin through the admin's message wall.
  • Note: If anyone would like to dedicate themselves to the removal of vandalism, they may contact M. on her message walll about gaining rollback privileges.
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