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Keep the change and keep out of trouble. I should be back in town next month.

Leroy is a minor character who appears in File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents, in the fourth incident, "Walkie-Talkie."


File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents


Leroy goes to Hungry's once a month for steak frites. He lives in a condominium a few blocks from the diner.

He has breakfast one day while Lemony Snicket is also at the restaurant. He is a bit confused by Stew Mitchum's rudeness, but simply pays Jake Hix for his meal before leaving. Later, Jake and Lemony chase him down, mistakenly believing he may have left a walkie-talkie in the diner.

Figure in Fog

While Leroy does not appear, Snicket wonders about why he only goes into town once a month for steak frites when he lives in a condominium so close to Hungry's.

Physical Appearance

Leroy is described as a lean man, wearing a green suit and a hat with a feather on it.