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It's a huge room in the hospital with files from all over the world, containing answers to any question you could possibly have.
— The Bearded Man to the Baudelaires, "The Hostile Hospital: Part One"

The Library of Records is the library in Heimlich Hospital's basement where files from all over the world are sent to and stored.

The library had two rooms, with a small antechamber preceding the large filing room, which itself was filled with rows of locked filing cabinets. The ceiling was low and each aisle of cabinets was only big enough to walk single file. Records were deposited through a chute into the room and then filed away by the recordkeeper, Hal.

Neither Hal or the Baudelaires were allowed to look at the files too long, so they could only glance at it for a few seconds, look for important keywords, and file it under one of them.

The library was ruined by Esmé Squalor and set on fire by Count Olaf, destroying all the files and then burning down the hospital. Hal was incredibly devastated by his life's work being ruined.



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