Lighthouse Keeper: I've been looking for company.
Goldfish Ghost: Do you live here all alone?
Lighthouse Keeper: Not anymore.
Goldfish Ghost

The Ghost of the Lighthouse Keeper is a deceased woman living in the lighthouse of a seaside town.


The Lighthouse Keeper died at one point and began haunting her lighthouse, a fact that was considered a rumor around town.

She lived there alone until the death of Goldfish Ghost, and after calling to him, he floated to her. She placed him where the light had once shone for sailors, and the two ghosts settle in together to look out at the world.

Physical Appearance

The Lighthouse Keeper is illustrated with a striped scarf around her neck, a long overcoat over her dress, rainboots, and a tulip hat over curled hair pulled into a ponytail or low bun. She is described as having quiet hands.[1]




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