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Louis Hynes is an English actor who portrays Klaus Baudelaire in the Netflix adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events. They supersede the role of Liam Aiken.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Louis Hynes originally thought they'd messed up their first audition for Klaus Baudelaire, but a few months later they were asked to do a chemistry read with Malina Weissman. Afterwards, they went out for dinner with Dylan Kingwell, who had also auditioned for Klaus and ended up receiving the dual role of Duncan and Quigley Quagmire.

Hynes took their inspiration for their portrayal of Klaus mainly from the books, and found "[Klaus] was very forthright in the way he stated what he meant, whilst managing to be polite and courteous." He had lived a sheltered life, and then was thrown into a dark world, and he and Violet were nervous and shell-shocked, but evolved into proactive young adults, something Hynes was excited to show over the course of three seasons.

They found it a bit difficult to balance school and work at the same time, and to put on an American accent while talking as fast as was necessary, but they stated that the whole cast and crew were "this great family, and so supportive of each other." They consider Weissman to be a sister figure to them in real life as well as on the show.

Hynes was originally nervous around Presley Smith, as they were afraid they would drop her.

One of Hynes's favorite and earliest memories of filming was during "A Bad Beginning: Part Two," where Joan Cusack and Neil Patrick Harris were playing off each other in the library. They found that watching the two comedic geniuses was very eye-opening and told them just "how bonkers this show was going to be." Their favorite episodes were The Hostile Hospital, as they could develop the Dr. Faustus disguise. They also found it very fun to play Klaus's awkwardness while flirting with Fiona in The Grim Grotto, describing it as "the first time Klaus had anything real happen romantically."

At the age of 14, inbetween Seasons One and Two, Hynes's hair began to curl, and they had to spend an hour every morning straightening their hair again to maintain consistency from the first season. Their hair was also a little blonder than Klaus's, so it would be dyed every four to five weeks to match Weissman's hair. Hair Department Head Julie McHaffie told Hynes at the beginning of filming that by Season Three, when they were 16, they would hate the Klaus hair. While they didn't believe her then, by Season Three they agreed.[1]

The only costume they took home from the series was the island robe.[2] However, in September of 2020 they received a spyglass prop from the Netflix department.[3]



Year Title Role Notes
2017 The Saint Young Simon


Year Title Role Notes
2016 Barbarians Rising Young Alaric
2017 A Series of Unfortunate Events Klaus Baudelaire
2020 The Great Vlad
The Power Ernest One Episode


Behind the Scenes



  • Hynes began using they/them pronouns in early 2022, changing their pronouns on their instagram.
  • Hynes is the second eldest out of all the child actors; the eldest being Kassius Nelson.
  • Hynes is actually two years older than Malina Weissman. This is despite the fact that Hynes' character, Klaus, is two years younger than Weissman's character; Violet.
  • Hynes has an older brother, Milo, and a younger sister, Lara.