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Lousy Lane is perhaps the most unpleasant lane in the world. It runs past an orchard of trees which once produced apples so sour, one only had to look at them to feel ill. And it encircles a horseradish factory, so the entire area smells bitter and strong.

Lousy Lane is a road that leads around The City.


The lane runs through sickly gray fields with "a handful of scraggly trees produce apples so sour that one only has to look at them to feel ill," and runs across The Grim River, said to be 9/10 mud, containing extremely unnerving fish.[1]

According to a map of The City, Lousy Lane begins at Daedalus Dock, passes two bridges and the Cathedral of the Alleged Virgin, arrives at a cloverleaf interchange, passes another bridge, and then passes Montgomery Montgomery's house and Hazy Harbor.[2]

It smells strongly of horseradish that is coming from Opportune Odors Horseradish Factory, later revealed to be part of Anwhistle Aquatics. One of its operations include manufacturing horseradish-apple hybrids that serves as the antidote to the fatal Medusoid Mycelium.[3]