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Dugga makes the best drills money can buy, but I'd give anything to have my dog back.

Lysistrata is a dog who appears in File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents, in the third incident, "Ransom Note."


File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents

Ransom Note/Loud Dog

Lysistrata is the watchdog of Jackie, the young mechanic of Moray Wheels. Jackie notes her to have the loudest bark "this side of the Mortmain Mountains," and Squeak Bellerophon calls her the best watchdog he's ever seen. 

When Jackie was given Cleo Knight's Dilemma to work on, their jealous grandfather concots a plan to get to drive the car; he takes Lysistrata to the bowling alley, where he works, to hide her panicked barks, and then fakes a ransom note, claiming he will give the dog back for Jackie's Dugga Drills. Jackie is suspicious of why Lysistrata would not have barked at an intruder or would have gone with them, and hires Lemony Snicket to investigate. 

Jackie and Snicket go to meet the ransomer, and Snicket deduces their grandfather's involvement. The two children find Lysistrata in the Dilemma, being driven by Jackie's grandfather, with their head out of the window and very much enjoying herself.